The Refractive Thinker®: Vol IX Effective Business Practices in Leadership and Emerging Technologies

Book Cover: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol IX Effective Business Practices in Leadership and Emerging Technologies

Welcome to the Spring 2015 release of the popular, 13x award-winning academic Refractive Thinker® anthology, marking a new direction for the publication, joining the award winning books in the series as number eleven. While previous editions have been curated from a purely academic standpoint, Volume IX continues building on the real world connection by bridging the gap. Academicians identify and address the issues in each chapter and provide an interpretation for application into today’s business world.
From the theme of “Effective Business Practices in Leadership and Emerging Technologies,” to the foreword by entrepreneurial expert Sabrina Gibson, this volume is a true bridge between scholarship and the business community.
Learn how to apply cutting edge research from doctoral scholars of The Refractive Thinker® Community.
Authors appearing in Volume IX:
•Dr. Gail Ferreira - Leading Innovation: Creating a Transformational Environment to Drive Change and Growth
•Dr. Martha J. Ross-Rodgers, Dr. Stephanie Hoffman, Dr. Patricia A. D’Urso, and Dr. Audrey Ellison - Conscious and Unconscious Bias in Hiring: Using the Factorial Survey Approach
•Dr. Temeaka Gray & Dr. Cheryl Lentz - Shared Governance: Sharing the Leadership Role in Nursing
•Dr. Karen K. Balcanoff; Dr. Judie L. Brill; Dr. Maurice M. Gogarty; Dr. Wendy J. Mizerek-Herrburger; Dr. Denise Land - Doctoral Mentoring and Research Leading to Emerging Technologies
•Dr. Judy Fisher-Blando, Dr. Leo Fleming-Ferrell, Dr. Gayle Grant, Dr. Julie Ducharme - Effective Leadership in Changing Technology Environments: An IT Perspective
•Dr. Yvette Ghormley & Dr. Lisa Kangas - Classroom to Boardroom: Emerging Technologies for Effective Presentations
•Dr. Amona Washington & Dr. Luis Matta - Leadership Technology Adoption: Transactional and Transformational Approaches to Innovation
•Dr. Grady Batchelor - Doing More with More: Leveraging Community Capacity to Reduce Costs, Mitigate Risks, and Create Competitive Advantage
•Dr. Bethany Mickahail & Dr. Kate Andrews - Collaborative Innovative Leadership and Emerging Social Media Technologies
•Dr. Edward F. Knab - Leadership Strategies for Navigating in a Complex World