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November 10, 2023: She Talks Women in Tech - Fort Lauderdale Florida

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October 6-8: Beach-Bum Millionaire Mastermind
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November 3-5: Beach-Bum Millionaire Mastermind
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Jan 20-21, 2024:Β SAB Ignite Conference
Dr. Ducharme will be Keynoting on both days
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March 23-24, 2024: Women Inventors She Talks Charleston, South Carolina
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May 19, 2024: Women in Aviation She Talks
Gilbert, Arizona
Park University
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Authentically You

An inspiring talk on how to embrace your authentic self and your authentic leadership. Dr. Ducharme brings you into a mindset that embracing your true self will lead to better success in your personal and work life. She offers tips and guidance on how to move in that direction of authentic leadership and embracing yourself.

This talk has helped organizations learn how to embrace diversity, inclusion, and help their company to get away from group think.

Rising From The Ashes - TEDx

Keynote presented for Zappos.com

Keynote presented for University of San Diego