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Oct 1, 2022: She Talks - San Diego

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Oct 1, 2022: Weekend of Positivity

Location: Metaverse (Virtual)

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Oct 3-5, 2022: Boston

Oct 9-16, 2022: New Zealand

Mar. 14, 2023: She Talks - Houston

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Authentically You

An inspiring talk on how to embrace your authentic self and your authentic leadership. Dr. Ducharme brings you into a mindset that embracing your true self will lead to better success in your personal and work life. She offers tips and guidance on how to move in that direction of authentic leadership and embracing yourself.

This talk has helped organizations learn how to embrace diversity, inclusion, and help their company to get away from group think.

Keynote presented for Zappos.com

Keynote presented for University of San Diego

Dare to Disagree

Today a large number of employees state they have stopped raising issues or concerns at their workplace. Leaders need to raise issues but how do they do this? They do this by daring to disagree. This inspirational keynote speech by Dr. Ducharme, will guide and empower you on how you can dare to disagree with your organization and find success.


Leading by my Ponytail

Leading by my Ponytail offers an introspective, innovative look at women. If you have a thirst for success then you want to choose this glass of water. Dr. Julie Ducharme will highlight the strength of femininity and the unique value it brings to the workplace. In this talk, Dr. Julie Ducharme will share insightful and practical leadership advice and inspire audiences big and small to make change in their industry.