Dr. Ducharme has given her business and leadership expertise to thousands of women across the country. From women’s conferences to small meetups, Dr. Ducharme travels the country to offer her candid and life changing advice.

One-on-One Coaching:

Have a great business idea but no clue how to move it from idea, to business, to making money? Dr. Julie Ducharme can help you move your idea to a successful business that actually makes money. Many people have great ideas, but stats show small business either never get off the ground or fail within in the first 5 years. Many who want to start a business just don’t know the secret to success, but that is where Dr. Julie Ducharme comes in. She is the owner and founder of 3 companies that have been running successfully for 18 years. She has consulted/coached for 15 years helping businesses get started and thrive as well as bringing businesses back from the brink of closing. She knows the in’s and out’s of business. If you are just starting a business or maybe your business is floundering and in need of a tune up to get you back on track, then you want to work with Dr. Julie Ducharme. To get your free one-hour consult call 619-206-6822 or email @ [email protected] to see if Dr. Ducharme can help you.


Dr. Ducharme works with corporations in two ways:

  1. Corporations bring Dr. Ducharme in to their companies for keynotes.
  2. Corporations bring Dr. Ducharme and her Empowerment Team in for an interactive on site workshop to rejuvenate their teams and motivate them to live their most fulfilling lives. This leads to greater personal and professional fulfillment and motivation.

Contact: [email protected]