Ep 06: Taxes, Loans, and Credits

Taxes, Loans, and Credits Podcast Transcript

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Hi, welcome to the authentically, you..

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So I'm really excited once again to be back for another episode and as you know, we interview people doing really amazing authentic things around the world and I'm very blessed to get a chance to work with many of them and today I have on my show Bronte Lambert and Randy is known by tens of thousands of people, including celebrities who have worked with him and he is a trusted authority for credit related education, credit tax that can significantly improve and change your life.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: A Roddy spoken to large audience in stages across the world, including Harvard and a little background is that he was in the military and also a firefighter for nearly fifteen years and also a firefighter of the year in nineteen ninety eight.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: He was on the first responders responders to combine high school shooting an in two thousand, six.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: He had a brother who was a firefighter that lost his life as well and through all of this.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: He has moved from being a firefighter to a top credit analysis. An analyst and I'm really excited to have them on the shows. Welcome to show Rondi.

Rondi Lambeth: Thanks.

Rondi Lambeth: So much for.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well you know, Rondi and I have got to work together on his course and you know something that's always a blessing is whenever I get to work with um my clients I learned so much.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So as I was working with Rondi on his class I kept thinking God I wish I would have known him when I was eighteen I wish I would've had this info because probably the first ten years of my life I've been wait easier 'cause I think I broke every one of your credit rules that you put out there as I went through with this cost and I was designed I'm like oh my God I did that I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Did that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I I shouldn't.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Have done that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um so I'm excited to talk with you today, because every time we talk.

Rondi Lambeth: I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I learned something new absolutely learned something new and you know I thought we might just jump right into the nitty gritty of this because this is a big thing recently eighty seven thousand, I s agents are hired everyone is kind of freaking out about this because they don't know how this is gonna affect US and I was watching your total social media and you were mentioning this and I just thought Hey let's jump the nitty gritty I love your thoughts and what you think about.

Rondi Lambeth: All this all right.

Rondi Lambeth: You know, it's really interesting because about a week ago.

Rondi Lambeth: I posted a video about the eighty seven thousand, new agents that are being hired and I, never in my life would have guessed the responses that I got.

Rondi Lambeth: And it's it's approximately that that videos had over a million views now and fifty percent of the people of the hundreds and hundreds comments, I'm guessing it's about fifty percent are defending the RS like literally saying the I s is there to help.

Rondi Lambeth: US and these eighty seven thousand, agents that are getting hired is to issue refunds faster and all of this craziness Julie and I can't believe it and it's like that's, you don't need an active Congress Congress doesn't have to prove to hire new agents to issue refunds in fact, the way the laws set up is in order to increase the budget for the I R s they actually have to bring in more income or more revenue and that's.

Rondi Lambeth: Why it actually specifically says they're hiring eighty seven thousand, new agents in an attempt to bring in two hundred billion dollars in revenue?

Rondi Lambeth: And the crazy part is is it's not going after the rich it's, not going after the big corporations like the the media would like to tell you um it's going after the middle class it's going after the mom and pop businesses.

Rondi Lambeth: The businesses that don't pay up a cpa or big firm to do their taxes that don't understand tax rules and tax codes that will just rollover when the I s shows up <unk> and here's some people really need to realize when you go to college and you get your C p a.

Rondi Lambeth: The good students.

Rondi Lambeth: The smart ones go to work for the big five accounting firms the second grade level or the second level will go to work for other corporations.

Rondi Lambeth: The bottom of the barrel the worst of the worst cpa and accounts go to work for the I s.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Okay.

Rondi Lambeth: So they're hiring the absolutely worst most initiated people and then giving them a gun and sending them out in my opinion to Rob from the middle class <unk> that's my opinion on it I think that's what's gonna happen because look the the wealthy have attorneys I have an a tax attorney I have a tax professional I have an enrolled agent and I have a C T a that do do my taxes.

Rondi Lambeth: Um they're not gonna come after somebody like me they're gonna go after the single mom that's working free jobs she's not claiming all of her tips it Denny's that's who they're gonna go after.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And it's just you know, this resonates with me I started out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Twenty one years ago.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I was twenty three years old and I started my first business and I had just gotten my MBA.

Rondi Lambeth: But I still.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Had no idea essentially all of the things including taxes.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: What I was doing and I'm sure somewhere along the way I made an innocent mistake?

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I'm.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Sure.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Did about something I didn't know and that's really frustrating.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Because as a small business owner as my business is grown overtime just like you I have lawyers I have accounts have all those things to make sure that I'm doing it properly, because I can't be a genius and know all of that all the time.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: But as I was working as a small business, the amount of right off I would have to have just to not be paying out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Thousands and thousands of dollars in these credit and tax laws that really take a hit on the small business and so you know, this has to be a bit frightening for people who are coming out and and really I always feel in something I've learned from you is that advocating is key in this and there's a lot of lack of education in this area people just take what they what they here and so I I found your your post really interesting here it's been been viewed over a million times means there's some serious thoughts on this, which which I left and I was really glad that you came out and you're totally honest about what you thought you know, a lot of people are gonna say like what they think.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And I love that you said that <unk> and I agree with you on that for sure.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um so I appreciate you commenting on that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So you mentioned um some student loans and students and and this is a big thing.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Right now actually I'm helping a friend of mine and a two young men.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Get into school and they're having to look at student loans.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um and you know, I remember a while back we had another conversation when our veteran podcast.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um about that and I love to dive a little deeper into it, because just like I said back in the day I I had a full ride for my first for years, but then I went to my master's in doctorate didn't.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Think too much.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: But signed my life away with some loans.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Oh, you know.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: No big deal.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um and then years later going like why didn't I you know understand this.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So I would love to talk to have you talk about that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And hopefully this will help some of our students are right in the middle of getting student loans and going to college.

Rondi Lambeth: Yeah, you know what student loans.

Rondi Lambeth: Uh they want to say that we have an epidemic with student loans and really if you actually look into the numbers it's actually not that bad.

Rondi Lambeth: Uh the the people that have the majority of the student loan debt have higher level of degrees.

Rondi Lambeth: They you know their doctors chiropractors, attorneys they generally have master's and above.

Rondi Lambeth: Um and the people that went to college and wasted there for years and now they're in a career that has nothing to do with their degree which is the majority of them it's.

Rondi Lambeth: Not a lot of debt, the problem is people don't understand how the loan is set up.

Rondi Lambeth: And have you ever heard the saying do what I say not what I do?

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Or.

Rondi Lambeth: Good or it's something like a good for you.

Rondi Lambeth: But not for me kind of thing, but basically the politicians will tell US to do live one way.

Rondi Lambeth: But yet they don't you know the politicians locked US up forced US to stay home said we had to wear face diapers and yet look at <unk> avenue soon.

Rondi Lambeth: I'll pardoning with his friends hanging out.

Rondi Lambeth: Didn't close down his own line arena and so do under the but not to me and what I bring that while I bring that up is with federally back student loans and it's the only loan out of the millions of other types of loans and millions of loans are out.

Rondi Lambeth: There.

Rondi Lambeth: That the bank can actually do this on and it's actually not the bank, but the federal government and that's what's called a negative am loan and what that means.

Rondi Lambeth: Julie is the payment that you make doesn't even pay for the monthly interest.

Rondi Lambeth: These are illegal for any bank to do unless it is a student loan here's.

Rondi Lambeth: How it works?

Rondi Lambeth: You go to college.

Rondi Lambeth: You get a ten thousand dollar student, loan and let's say the interest for the sake of making it easy is ten percent.

Rondi Lambeth: Well let's go five percent cause that's the averages five percent per student loans.

Rondi Lambeth: So it's a ten thousand dollar loan five percent interest, which means it's five hundred dollars a year essentially in interest, you divide that by twelve your payment would be roughly forty dollars and change a month like forty two forty three dollars a month for just covering the interest, not the principal just interest and so what these banks do through the permission of the federal government is they'll, make your minimum payment on that ten thousand dollar loan for the next twenty years thirty dollars a month now if your interest is forty two to forty three dollars a month, but you're only paying thirty dollars a month 'cause.

Rondi Lambeth: Thats your minimum payment.

Rondi Lambeth: What does your principal balance due each month?

Dr. Julie Ducharme: It's gonna keep growing it goes.

Rondi Lambeth: Up and at the end of that twenty years you'll have a three to four.

Rondi Lambeth: Sometimes five times higher debt, then when you started.

Rondi Lambeth: So if you go to college and you invest forty fifty thousand dollars in your student loans and you make the minimum payments for the next twenty years at the end of that twenty years instead of not owing any money you're gonna owe a hundred to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars on the loan this started out around fifty thousand and then they refinance it into another twenty year, loan that's.

Rondi Lambeth: Why people can't get out of student loan debt, I see it every day like people's credit reports and I pointed out to them I'm like when you got this loan it was three thousand dollars you've?

Rondi Lambeth: Been making payments for twelve years it's now seventy eight hundred Bucks.

Rondi Lambeth: There like <unk> that doesn't make sense.

Rondi Lambeth: I've been making my payment I and I'm like I know it goes up you're not paying the interest so it's called a negative naturalized loan negative uploads.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: <unk>.

Rondi Lambeth: The loads and through the permission.

Rondi Lambeth: The federal government so the whole system is set up against you and it's not the college is bad.

Rondi Lambeth: It's not the <unk> it's that people aren't even paying enough to pay off the interest each month.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And and something I'm seeing 'cause I've worked in academia lot and as a Dean I actually was very honest with my student.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So for example the school I was working with you can get an a n culinary and it only cost you a hundred twenty thousand dollars and by the way all your instructors were teaching you did not have a degree and so they were convincing students to pay a hundred twenty thousand dollars and they set up for them to get all these loans, but when they graduated they had a am culinary and nobody was going to work for some big shop and so a lot of students were getting misled with and they're very I, hear it all the time I saw it happening this week while I was working with students Ah just let's just get you a long let's just get you a loan and I would say so are there other scholarship options available and then they would say oh well yes, there is actually since they have the certain GPA they get three thousand this and this and suddenly that ten thousand dollar loan that we're gonna get now it comes down to they have a couple thousand left which I would say the student.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well, if you did a payment plan with US, do you think that you could just work instead of taking a loan out, but that's not how it works in academia, especially from you know that side that I've seen for years and years as soon as they're just convinced to go get it and the students were getting say a hundred twenty thousand dollars for an aa degree that they could go to the junior college and get and you know, I I it frustrates me because as you mentioned I mean that information you gave right there is?

Rondi Lambeth: Huge.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: People don't know what they're getting into, especially students or eighteen nineteen twenty years old.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um and so I think that's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So critical to really look at that and I don't think at least from what you know.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: No one's gonna really tell them that right.

Rondi Lambeth: They will in fact they're told the absolutely opposite of that the administrators at the schools tell them just make your minimum payments they you know, it's not out of the they're not being negative they're not trying to hurt the sooner.

Rondi Lambeth: They just don't know anybody I enrolled someone the other day for credit repair.

Rondi Lambeth: She was a school administrator, her job was a financial counselor.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: [laughter].

Rondi Lambeth: He hired me to teach her.

Rondi Lambeth: How to manage your money and her credit was horrible and she was a hot mess and and she said I'm embarrassed but my job is actually teach students how to manage your money and credit yet and I found you and I need help on my own stuff?

Rondi Lambeth: I have no idea what I'm doing and so it's really cool.

Rondi Lambeth: That I got to enroll her into my program.

Rondi Lambeth: Unfortunately, because now she's gonna go out and spread actual wisdom and knowledge to the students it's gonna make a difference and help them out.

Rondi Lambeth: Yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: That's that's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Amazing and you know, I think it's a really another good point you make is a lot of times people think that wealthy people have it all together and their credit is perfect, but I think you've actually had the opposite experience.

Rondi Lambeth: I.

Rondi Lambeth: Can tell you that they do not.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: A.

Rondi Lambeth: A a big percentage of the people who hired me are people that make several million dollars a year, a few years ago, a guy.

Rondi Lambeth: That I won't say his name, but he hired me to fix a credit card late.

Rondi Lambeth: A few months after he bought a fifty five million dollar jet and now you've got about four billion dollars, an apartment complex is that the advantages.

Rondi Lambeth: So this guy is really good with apartments and buying jets.

Rondi Lambeth: And helicopters and but as far as managing his credit he messed it up and I.

Rondi Lambeth: See that a lot with the the NFL players we work a lot with the the <unk> fell um for years I was a certified credit expert for the M B a and most of the people the ons rumors people have money really don't understand credit.

Rondi Lambeth: They don't understand why you should never pay off a car loan early.

Rondi Lambeth: Why you should never pay off a student, loan early?

Rondi Lambeth: Why you should never close a credit card and all of the other things that um it's?

Rondi Lambeth: So important to your credit score.

Rondi Lambeth: And a lot of people don't realize that your credit score is the most important number in your life.

Rondi Lambeth: And it's not just how much you pay in interest it's how much you're paying car insurance?

Rondi Lambeth: How much you pay in life insurance?

Rondi Lambeth: How much you pay in?

Rondi Lambeth: A homeowners insurance renter's insurance, your deposits on your utilities, whether or not you have to pay an extended warranty or a monthly insurance plan on your cell phone.

Rondi Lambeth: If you have good credit and you can get certain credit cards you don't even have to pay the insurance on the cell phones or the ipad 'cause it's built into the credit card automatically for free.

Rondi Lambeth: But if you have bad credit, you can't get that specific credit card if you can get the credit card, you gotta pay ten dollars a month extra for your cell phone insurance.

Rondi Lambeth: So everything in your life costs more your gas your groceries, your electricity you're closing the Internet for me to do this podcast with you.

Rondi Lambeth: If I have bad credit I would be paying more every month for my Internet, then I am the way I am right now.

Rondi Lambeth: Why everything costs more if you have that credit?

Dr. Julie Ducharme: It's, just it's like I said everytime I talk with you I learned something more and you have these Epiphany and I really really wish that this education was in the high school I really really do I think it would help guide our youth.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So differently as I mentioned I I, you know, I grew up in a wonderful family, but but you know they they we didn't talk about these things it wasn't anything.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um that we focused on.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So when I was you know, thinking about all of this it was like and I was building your class I was just sitting here going like having these <unk> amounts like what.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Wait what I'm forty five.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Now how in the world did I not know that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um so that takes me to another subject which is credit cards, which I know that our country in particular has a people are massively in debt and credit cards and so I wanna talk about just as much as <unk> your angle on it tips for credit cards.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: How do we approach?

Rondi Lambeth: This.

Rondi Lambeth: Credit cards are the most important thing for you to have in order to have great credit.

Rondi Lambeth: You will never I said never you will never have great credit without having credit cards it is sixty five percent of your vehicle credit scores based on your credit cards and how you use them whether you pay your bills on time or not is only thirty five percent how whether or not, you have a credit card is almost twice.

Rondi Lambeth: Is important as whether or not, you pay on time.

Rondi Lambeth: So credit cards are extremely important.

Rondi Lambeth: I.

Rondi Lambeth: Did a video recently on social and it was why you should never use a debit card and within literally seventy two hours had over million views, sows of comments and the amount of hate that I got out of this video is just mind boggling of all these people defending the banks and telling me I was wrong when it came to using credit versus the debit card and our entire societies based on credit and credit's been around really since the caveman days and I talked about that in the course how credit got started back when people were living in case it's not something new it just it wasn't reported until the late eighteen hundreds and surprisingly the the person that created the very first.

Rondi Lambeth: What we know is a credit Bureau was actually in England outside of London and he was a male suit maker and he started creating a list?

Rondi Lambeth: Of people who bought suits from him that paid or didn't pay on time and then he started selling that list to other merchants around town and that was what we do know is the very first credit Bureau, so credit cards are extremely important to the whole credit score.

Rondi Lambeth: System.

Rondi Lambeth: [laughter] and here's why.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Excuse me.

Rondi Lambeth: What Michael's trying to do and Michael's been around since nineteen fifty six?

Rondi Lambeth: All they're trying to do is predict the future on whether or not you're gonna pay your bills on time that's all they're trying to do and since they've been in existence for I don't know if that's sixty six years now they have created hundreds of billions of credit scores.

Rondi Lambeth: And they are extremely accurate with predicting the future in the future is whether or not you will pay your bills on time over the next two years.

Rondi Lambeth: She they figured out that people without credit cards are more likely to not pay their bills on time and so if you have a credit card.

Rondi Lambeth: You're more likely to pay your bills on time, therefore they automatically give you a higher credit score.

Rondi Lambeth: And if you manage the credit card properly, they give you a even higher credit score.

Rondi Lambeth: And then if you have three credit cards, they give you even a higher credit score and once those credit cards get a certain age, they give you in a higher credit score, but without the credit cards you're never gonna have a great credit.

Rondi Lambeth: You have to have credit.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And you know, this is interesting because obviously my my grandfather would talk about the depression a lot.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um and I recently just wrote log on on how to survive a tanking economy and but he would say you know, put your money in a copy.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Can get it out of the bank, you know, he had that really bad experience.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um you know, don't have any credit cards pay cash for everything and I and I get that obviously that was a very different time.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um but as you mentioned I mean our credit score is connected to everything it's shocking.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: How much it controls your life from buying houses to cars to like you said just trying to get the basic things of Internet and phones and things like that?

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And I hear a lot of people say all the time to me and you could tell me how this kind of negative facts are credit just pay off all your cards have zero debt.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So when someone does that how does that affect their credit, even though people think they're credits gonna get better.

Rondi Lambeth: Well if someone has a balance on their credit cards today and they pay it off tomorrow.

Rondi Lambeth: Uh that is gonna take anywhere from the twenty four hours to thirty days for it to impact your credit score depending on when the reporting date is cause the credit card companies only report once a month.

Rondi Lambeth: So if you pay off your credit card on let's, say the twentieth of the month and they reported on the nineteenth it's gonna take thirty days just to show up the change if you paid it off on the twentieth and they report on the twenty first, then it's gonna take twenty four hours for your credit score to change.

Rondi Lambeth: If you pay off the credit card which is one of the things you should do every single month you should not be paying interest, just to have a good credit score.

Rondi Lambeth: And you don't have to pay interest to have a good credits.

Rondi Lambeth: So generally speaking when you pay off the credit card, your score will increase as long as one thing happens.

Rondi Lambeth: And that is you continue to use the credit card.

Rondi Lambeth: The following month if you pay off the credit card and then stop using it your credit score will actually go down FICA will take away points from you.

Rondi Lambeth: If you're, not using your credit card every month and if you're, not spending at least one percent on that credit card.

Rondi Lambeth: So if you go and you're like Hey I'm I'm cutting up my credit card and I'm closing them.

Rondi Lambeth: All your scores gonna take if you're like I'm gonna keep them open, but I'm gonna pay them off and I'm, never gonna use it your scores gonna go into the toilet.

Rondi Lambeth: So what you wanna do is you wanna pay them off every month and then manage them between one and five percent of the utilization rate or the credit limit.

Rondi Lambeth: So if you have a thousand dollar credit limit Michael wants to see you spend ten to fifty dollars a month on that credit card.

Rondi Lambeth: So you simply put Netflix on.

Rondi Lambeth: In fact, one of my my next video that I'm gonna do on social media is how having a Netflix account.

Rondi Lambeth: Can make you have a great credit [laughter] and because you can put Netflix on a credit card I have a credit card I I got this credit card back in two thousand, ten and it was too it was a Sears Citibank visa card and it was one of those.

Rondi Lambeth: Um I bought a figure I mean I bought a wash machine and dryer came with three years.

Rondi Lambeth: No interest.

Rondi Lambeth: And so I bought the wash machine and dryer zero percent interest.

Rondi Lambeth: So I used the bank's money and then when it was paid off I've never used again except for Netflix and now I think Netflix is like fifteen Bucks a month or something, but this is a twenty or thirty thousand dollar credit card.

Rondi Lambeth: With a fifteen dollar monthly Bill on it and it's set to pay itself off in full every month and it does a couple things by adding your utility bills to your credit cards.

Rondi Lambeth: It has activity every month the balance is always extremely low and because you're not using it much the bank's almost every six months will do.

Rondi Lambeth: An internal audit in an attempt to tempt you into using the card more they'll increase your credit limit.

Rondi Lambeth: And so it really helps.

Rondi Lambeth: You to put utilities on it and then pay it off in full you're, not paying interest on it.

Rondi Lambeth: You get activity Michael likes it the bank likes it and it works extremely well.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: That is such a great tip and I'd.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Seriously I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Could talk to you forever.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Roddy every time we talk you give me some new negative information that I'm like oh gosh, that's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Great.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um but I also wanna make sure that everyone knew one how they can get a hold of you all the services that you offer and also that you have several classes, but one of them is an accredited university level course.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um where people can actually get units towards their college degree.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: If they want or professional development and we'll put that across the screen as well.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: It's through Bell Haven afford business school of several schools.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um but how are some of the best way I know you do credit repair.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Uh you also do credit education.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So I just wanna make sure one knows how they can get you.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And what they can get from you.

Rondi Lambeth: The the easiest way to find me is go to Google and type in <unk> that just <unk>.

Rondi Lambeth: Um I, do have a main website it's <unk> dot com.

Rondi Lambeth: It's not just me I have over fifty employees I've been doing this now fifteen years I've helped.

Rondi Lambeth: Hundreds of thousands of people go from the four hundred scores to the seven eight hundred.

Rondi Lambeth: It generally takes three months.

Rondi Lambeth: So in about three months I, take you from the toilet into this into the stars when it comes to your credit scores and we do that by educating people, how credit is created.

Rondi Lambeth: How the credit scores are created and calculated?

Rondi Lambeth: So Ron <unk> dot com is pretty easy to find me there you can also find me on every social media platform at Randy Lambeth and what we do is we teach people about credit I teach people how taxes work how the tax code works and I think my super power Julie is.

Rondi Lambeth: I'm able to explain very complicated things in a very simple way that people can understand I think the politicians and the elites.

Rondi Lambeth: Talk down to US and they try to talk over our head.

Rondi Lambeth: And so I think my course what makes it so popular as people could understand it I break it down to a very simple thing.

Rondi Lambeth: So we can fix your credit.

Rondi Lambeth: We can prepare your taxes.

Rondi Lambeth: We can file your taxes we can help you with tax planning I.

Rondi Lambeth: Can help you with your four.

Rondi Lambeth: Oh one K.

Rondi Lambeth: Your mutual funds or IRAS pretty much everything that has to do with money.

Rondi Lambeth: We can help you with and we're licensed and bonded insured and all that stuff.

Rondi Lambeth: But generally we start amount credit education and make sure they got a good foundation on how credit works because if we can increase someone credit score, we could then decrease their taxes decreasing their taxes, increasing your credit score.

Rondi Lambeth: We can eliminate their debt.

Rondi Lambeth: And then we can take that savings from the debt and the taxes and we can put that into a good solid safe secure investment that ultimately they'll be able to retire with dignity and they don't have to work at Walmart when they're eighty five years old.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And it is true, you that is your super power every time I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Listen to you.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And your social media I mean I love it 'cause when you when you throw out a new video it's like oh awesome.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I'm gonna get a new nugget and it makes sense.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I mean even though I do have a degree in business, some of this stuff gets very convoluted and it gets very confusing and I know every year I sit with my tax person we go.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Overall the new laws and the things and all the hoops we have to jump through everything, you know, when you sit there and you're just it can be overwhelming and.

Rondi Lambeth: So being.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Able to have just a basic understanding.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So we don't get taken advantage of and a guide it is is something that you guys do.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well um and so I'm excited even this year we're actually implementing a small bit of your credit into one of the financial courses at <unk> college, which we're excited about um the soon and won't get obviously all the stuff.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: But I was able to convince the school to do a couple of your videos which I know we're gonna have some cereal <unk> moments as students.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Listen to those um so I just think this is amazing.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well um once again we've got all the links and everything running across the screen.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So you guys definitely have to check out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: What Rondi's doing?

Dr. Julie Ducharme: He has some amazing education as you just heard on our podcast, but also on his website.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: He also does him and it seemed to amazing job of fixing people's credit, even the big celebrity stars which we don't know the names too, but he's out there fixing those as well.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And in this time I think with the way our economy is going it's a very good time that you should be fixing your credit I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Think I you would agree.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Right.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Randy.

Rondi Lambeth: Yeah.

Rondi Lambeth: I mean look where um were off it said just a few weeks ago, the number one thing you can be doing right now is invested in yourself.

Rondi Lambeth: And increasing your credit score, increasing your knowledge regarding money credit and taxes I think is the most important thing you can do to thrive through this recession, because I think we got about twelve months and in twelve months the recession will be full blown going crazy.

Rondi Lambeth: The real estate market it's already taking in las Vegas it's already taking in parts of California Phoenix I mean they're having substantial price cuts in Vegas and it used to be one of the fastest the hottest market and so I think over in twelve months it's gonna be an incredible opportunity to buy real estate and to finally get into the real estate market to where it's affordable and the interest rates look they're they're a lot higher now.

Rondi Lambeth: But here's what's gonna happen the price of the home is gonna it's gonna drop significantly.

Rondi Lambeth: The interest rate is much higher.

Rondi Lambeth: So your payment is gonna be about the same for a house in a year as it was maybe two years ago with the three percent interest.

Rondi Lambeth: But when we come out of the recession and I think we will in about another two years from now we'll start to come out.

Rondi Lambeth: The first thing the beds are gonna do is drop interest rate and then we're gonna go into a massive reply.

Rondi Lambeth: Just like we've done in the past, they raise the rates.

Rondi Lambeth: It slows down the market.

Rondi Lambeth: We go into inflation the real estate market crashes.

Rondi Lambeth: We start to come out.

Rondi Lambeth: They drop the rates we go into this huge reply.

Rondi Lambeth: Boom the rest of the market boom's and now that house you bought on sale, you can refinance it drop in your payment significantly and then it starts the whole boom box thing over again.

Rondi Lambeth: And I think right now it's a great time to get planning.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: For that in.

Rondi Lambeth: What I call stacks and wrapped your cash fix your credit start making money?

Rondi Lambeth: Maybe start a business stack up the cash.

Rondi Lambeth: And wait and then start buying properties that one you can move into and then hopefully some investment properties which I I think it's gonna be really good about twelve months on the investment side.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: We're, just gonna <unk> twelve months and they're gonna replace it in two years and they're gonna be like he's a fortune teller.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So I mean that is great advice.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So I'm gonna leave it with that 'cause that is definitely probably some of the best advice you can get out there.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: If you're listing that right now I am like full onboard with that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Same page.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So thank you again for being on the show I mean it's just such amazing information.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Make sure you guys check out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: The website's a if your credit is not doing well definitely check out credit moto and also check out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: The class that Randy has which will definitely revolutionize the way that you think about credit and what you do in your everyday life.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So thank you so much for being on the show and as I always say live love laugh and always be your authentic self.