Ep 20: Empowering Youth and Gaining Confidence

Empowering Youth and Gaining Confidence Podcast Transcript

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Hi I'm doctor Julie Ducharme, welcome to the authentically podcast and back for another episode.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: This is where we get to interview people from around the world about what they're doing that's authentic.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So I love this show before we get started.

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Jessica Brown: Can throw this in your purse.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: To and anywhere that's got like a little hot coffee water you're in.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So love love this.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Okay.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: How many of you woman weird.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Hi, feels all day and your feet are killing.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Okay.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well that would be me because I haven't, worn high heels.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: My entire life and worn a lot of either no shoes or ten issues.

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Jessica Brown: Shoes for your feet.

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Jessica Brown: Supporting our veteran supporting our woman veteran.

Jessica Brown: So please please please.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Check that out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: All right without further ado I'm really excited today because I get to interview one of our she talkers for the Houston event Jessica and I just met.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: But now that she's in as I tell everyone you're part of the family I'm not letting you go and so let me.

Jessica Brown: Tell you a little bit about Jessica.

Jessica Brown: She works with individuals and organizations.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: To help them.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Elevate their confidence in communication and connection.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So they can make an influential impact on the world.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: She coaches with passion guiding her clients to effectively identify straighten improve their view of themselves in order to live life with greater.

Jessica Brown: Success.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: With over ten years of corporate human resource experience and a knack for meaningful connections with audiences and insatiable appetite for helping others maximize their potential Jessica knows how to Rocco platform connect to the cart and provide coaching.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So the others can effectively realize their goals also Jessica has exceptional communication skills as a result of her fluency in Spanish and as a result of learning English as a second language.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: She is also a veteran of the United States Army and attribute her level of resilience to overcoming physical mental challenges.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: She insured while serving Jessica.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Welcome to the show.

Jessica Brown: Thank you for having me.

Jessica Brown: Julie [laughter].

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Uh I love this.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Because you know with Linda power she talks it's it's really created this amazing network of woman and every time that I get to put on one of these I, add another thirty amazing woman in and so it's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So exciting to have you and of course I love every single one of our woman veterans because you guys truly have amazing skills besides not only do donate devoting your time to our country.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You come back and are able to affect our workplace in such a unique and diverse way and I love this.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So you.

Jessica Brown: Have so much you're doing.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Let's start with you're in the military and obviously one of things we do when she talks as we talk about the transition.

Jessica Brown: For woman.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Veterans, but of course I feel like every time I listen to this this transition can apply for many women coming from many different areas in their life.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So.

Jessica Brown: How was your transition.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Out of the military.

Jessica Brown: It was hard and in the sense that I didn't really, you know, does give you some resources, but when that's all you've known I was in for four years and I went right after high school that's.

Jessica Brown: All I knew and so coming out it was like a whole new world for me.

Jessica Brown: Um because all I knew was military and so having to get used to not being called by my last name, only people call me by my first name that was the biggest transition for me, because you get so used to being my last name in your bank and so transitioning out people are calling, you by your first name and it's like.

Jessica Brown: Oh I, do have.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: A first name, <unk>.

Jessica Brown: [laughter] that was a big of a really big transition for me it was just you know being a civilian um and then really just kind of understanding.

Jessica Brown: Okay.

Jessica Brown: Now what do I do we do.

Jessica Brown: I go to I was blessed enough to have my best friend who was in college at the time.

Jessica Brown: So she truly help guide me because I I knew I wanted to go to college, but I had no idea where to start after.

Jessica Brown: Not going right after high school.

Jessica Brown: So I really kind of stumbled around she helped a lot.

Jessica Brown: You know.

Jessica Brown: Okay.

Jessica Brown: Here's the application here's.

Jessica Brown: What you do.

Jessica Brown: Here's some resources like if you need a computer, you can go to the lapse just little things like that that you take for.

Jessica Brown: Granted, because in the military everything is there.

Jessica Brown: Okay.

Jessica Brown: You go here for this.

Jessica Brown: You go here for that.

Jessica Brown: When you get out.

Jessica Brown: It's like okay.

Jessica Brown: Where do I go.

Jessica Brown: Yeah.

Jessica Brown: So that was really really um hard and then transitioning in from full time military to being a full time student was a huge change of just everything right it's everything is different everything's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: More relaxed.

Jessica Brown: It's more fluid.

Jessica Brown: I didn't.

Jessica Brown: Yeah.

Jessica Brown: You had to be a class at a certain time, but if you got there late <unk> college, so [laughter].

Jessica Brown: So you know.

Jessica Brown: No one's gonna be yelling at you making you do push up.

Jessica Brown: So [laughter], just moving from a very strict and structured environment to a very loose and fluid.

Jessica Brown: Okay.

Jessica Brown: You know.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You're here.

Jessica Brown: Great.

Jessica Brown: Wonderful you're.

Jessica Brown: Not here.

Jessica Brown: All right.

Jessica Brown: Well whatever.

Jessica Brown: So that was um those are some of the bigger challenges and then um navigating the entire like um you know, I did get a funding for school, but I still had to navigate the okay.

Jessica Brown: Applying for um where you're going to live.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Looking for, an apartment.

Jessica Brown: Like all of those things it was so it was just a lot it was a lot and I was still very young.

Jessica Brown: So I was trying to figure it all out and asking lots of questions along the way.

Jessica Brown: Um but yeah, it was [laughter] it's definitely a challenge.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Can I can only imagine, but um you mean many of your other sister veterans have talked about that in fact I remember <unk> girl said she had was used to people driving her to the helicopter and so when she got back home.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: She was on the Sandow freeways driving like forty miles per hour and she got pulled over for driving too slow because she was just like no I I haven't driven in forever 'cause everyone drives me everywhere and it was comical, but it was a reality check of like like oh wow.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Like what's happening.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You know.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And so but at the same time something I've I've been learning about all of the veterans and especially um the woman is that you guys have been able to take your skills in the military and translate those into something really successful and something I notice is that our veterans really excel in <unk> Brewer ship and every time I interview a veteran who's <unk>.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: They say I took everything I learned in the military applied it and I love that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Because a lot of people have a misnomer about you know veterans and transition and and they missed this thing that a general once said to me and it made so much sense he said why wouldn't you want to employ a veteran.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: We have spent millions of dollars training them and I'm like your rights like oh my gosh.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah, they have all this training that other people don't.

Jessica Brown: So I love.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: That.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So you into college.

Jessica Brown: Transitioned.

Jessica Brown: And how did.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You end up becoming an apparent speaker confidence coach and a mentor that seems like a big transition from college.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So how did that happen.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So.

Jessica Brown: I <unk> being really undecided for the first the first year I didn't know what I was doing.

Jessica Brown: Um so really focus in on my school.

Jessica Brown: So that was a major in communication minor in Spanish, but as I went along my journey I realized um that well I've always loved entering I mentored when I was in um school and then after I got.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Out of the military.

Jessica Brown: I went back home and I meant toward a um a young student.

Jessica Brown: She was in elementary school she's about ten or so and so that's where I you know, my my passion for that was there, but after I got the military I really started to lean into that area and just mentoring and then it responded to mentoring.

Jessica Brown: Um at work, right I.

Jessica Brown: Had more junior colleges that would come in and they were you know, brought and bushy tailed, but very green.

Jessica Brown: So I would show them the way they would come to me for advice.

Jessica Brown: Um because I worked in H I R for I've been in H or my entire career.

Jessica Brown: I had a lot of knowledge and so um they like my work ethic and so they would ask me what about this and I be like after what you want.

Jessica Brown: You know, go in there.

Jessica Brown: But I'm scared I'm nervous I'm like well the worst thing they can say is no, but if you don't ask you won't know, so those are things that I would always say um but is it as it relates to my journey towards confidence.

Jessica Brown: So I as a young girl I was in a um near fatal car accident when I was five years old and it was a drunk driver that hit his head on and so I, took the brunt of the um injuries the glass, the windshield shattered and it hit me in my face.

Jessica Brown: So I have three visible a scars on my face.

Jessica Brown: So from a very young girl it was people were always asking my mom what happened to her face or asking me and so as you can imagine a young girl being asked what happened to her face.

Jessica Brown: All the time I, you start to shrink back because you don't wanna be seen I know, I.

Jessica Brown: Did I didn't wanna be seen because I didn't want people to keep asking my mom or me what happened to my face and I felt like that was all that they saw.

Jessica Brown: So painfully Scheid I didn't like taking pictures I didn't like being the center of attention and so that shrinking continued into middle school and high school I didn't fit in I didn't know who I was.

Jessica Brown: So I was yeah.

Jessica Brown: I was very in secure I lacked.

Jessica Brown: Um self esteem and I I.

Jessica Brown: But one thing that was really consistent was that I've always had teachers coaches or um you know, just members of the different clubs that I was in they would always see something in me that I didn't.

Jessica Brown: See myself and they would all compliment me.

Jessica Brown: They would affirm me they would tell me you know, I'm doing good job I was doing all of these things and so I realized overtime that away as I'm getting all the great, you know.

Jessica Brown: Um attention.

Jessica Brown: So I'll, keep doing all these great things.

Jessica Brown: Not saying that it wasn't who I was, but you know, it became permitted was like okay.

Jessica Brown: This is great.

Jessica Brown: You know.

Jessica Brown: And.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So overtime I.

Jessica Brown: Realized it was really exhausting and that that wasn't truly who I was.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And so.

Jessica Brown: In in going through that journey of self discovery I realized that really seeing who I was in my value wasn't really based on my external really was based on who I was inside and pouring into these young girls and teams and colleague's and you know coaching.

Jessica Brown: Um colleague's at work and things like that that's what gave me life and so with that I began to really come into my own essentially and really understand who I was doing these strands and I was like oh, that totally makes sense.

Jessica Brown: That's totally me and so more I did.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: All those things in my career.

Jessica Brown: It really extended outside of my career as well.

Jessica Brown: And so I was really just a lot of work stuff work to understand who I actually was and with that journey really just saying you know, in owning really all of me falls and all right now.

Jessica Brown: Perfect, just progressing right.

Jessica Brown: Yeah.

Jessica Brown: So yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well I love that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And you know, you talk about obviously this shows called authentically <unk> and I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Remember my journey of really finding my authentic self and and you talk about confidence and and you mentioned your website that seventy percent of teen girls are not seeing themselves as good enough compared to their peers.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Which is a staggering statistics that's high and obviously today we're seeing even more that are young woman have high anxiety.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um.

Jessica Brown: Low confidence.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um we even have a skyrocketing suicide rate and depression rate and just like you I have a real passion to help the young woman who are coming after US, not have to go through what what we did you know, and each one of US have a different experience, but I remember middle school.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You mentioned middle school feeling really in secure my daughter's in middle school, right now.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Holy.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Oh, it doesn't change.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Right.

Jessica Brown: I'm full of.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: <unk> and I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Remember the agony of middle school and how insecure and and not company feel and what my daughter's been going through and it's like you know what you're talking about, you put it you have a passion to change that narrative if there's anything I think we can do is woman for our future young woman is to change that narrative.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um you know, this is like such a passion for me and and I I know, I'm gonna try to get in.

Jessica Brown: My soapbox here.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um you know, you look at what Hollywood and the world is doing um and and I'm just gonna call Hollywood out because the way that they present our young woman is not in anyway.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: That's realistic.

Jessica Brown: And.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: They are boarded with pictures of perfection and looks and over secularized and just ridiculous expectations and.

Jessica Brown: I think what you're doing.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Is incredibly important to build the confidence in our youth right.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Because these are the people that are gonna be running the world.

Jessica Brown: When we're old.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And right now I'm scared about that [laughter].

Jessica Brown: Yeah.

Jessica Brown: And.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So you know.

Jessica Brown: I love some of the things.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You're doing here and I know you you coach you mentor.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Can you dive into a little bit of what you're doing with teams.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um or how you help them find this confidence 'cause we do have teams who listen to this podcast.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: We have college girls and so I would love for them to hear what your thoughts are on that.

Jessica Brown: So what I really try to instill in that really what you see on social media.

Jessica Brown: What you see on TV those are pretend.

Jessica Brown: They're.

Jessica Brown: Not real even if you think it's real it's, not it's, not reality, right.

Jessica Brown: And really have them not be so focused on what the messages are coming to them, which is I know it's hard with everyone having phones and everything.

Jessica Brown: But really the focus in on what their purpose is right helping them home and understand you're here.

Jessica Brown: You bring value.

Jessica Brown: So let's look at what you're.

Jessica Brown: Good at and let's really focus on really investing in that strengths, right.

Jessica Brown: While we manage or weaknesses I always say that's what I say to my colleagues let's, invest in a you know really highlighting our strengths and we'll manage or weaknesses and so I really try to get them to really focus on you know really understanding what they're purposes.

Jessica Brown: What that one thing that you do that everyone comes to you for that.

Jessica Brown: You could do it seamlessly and it's, not it doesn't seem like hard work and when they are really focused on that they're more focused in word versus outward and so really once you find your purpose and you're operating in that all that other stuff falls away because essentially they're going to get the whatever the highest they get from integral from giving back right <unk> it's two people we're not here to just take take take me changing that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So.

Jessica Brown: So that they start looking at how can I get back to this world instead of taking from.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Absolutely, you know, it's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So hard to drowned out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: The noise, right.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And when I had my daughter one of the first things I realized that she got older is that I had to change my language in the sense of how I talked about myself I didn't realize how negatively I talked about myself until I heard it around my daughter.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Right.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Oh I look that today.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Oh I don't look.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Good like oh I'm, not scanning enough.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Right.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And we all do this as women it's a natural thing.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You're getting older right.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: We all wish we were twenty three I wish I had the body when I was.

Jessica Brown: I would of course.

Jessica Brown: <unk> there you go you're trying to.

Jessica Brown: But uh you know, you you get older and you start going well you know, this isn't as tight as it used to be and I've kind of got some stretch marks from kids and you know when you.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You get caught up in that because like you said the noise that comes from <unk> thing is we have to debunk that that's, not real guess what everyone has a perfect life on Facebook and Mister.

Jessica Brown: Graham everyone.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Does.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: But behind that is something so different and it's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So true and and you know, it's frustrating, because social media has so much power to do.

Jessica Brown: Good.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: It really.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Does.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: But it unfortunately in my opinion has taken a turn not for good, you know, it's it's become just a platform for you know, falls looks and negativity and and I I hope that.

Jessica Brown: There's more people.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: That get on and change that like like yourself and what you're doing um but you know, I look at this and I, just think you're.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So right we've.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Gotta change it and you know, you put in here too that you have a desire, you you you um at the time you became a perfectionist and you had a desire to hide your external falls and I think as you said one of the most important things is for US one to embrace what we have right.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So my stretch marks are not falls.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: They are examples of two beautiful.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Children that I have birth.

Jessica Brown: My stretched.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Stomach.

Jessica Brown: Is carrying.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Those babies.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And I would do it again, right.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So instead of his name like <unk>, just I don't have a flat Tommy anymore.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: It's like you know what that's like I ride a passage for me there.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I carried those kiddos for nine months and there were giant babies, you know.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um.

Jessica Brown: But it's difficult.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Because as a youth.

Jessica Brown: I just think to myself.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I didn't have that much confidence in junior high cause girls are mean I'm just gonna say <unk> and you know, this you were dealing with scars on your face and I'm sure, girls were so mean to you.

Jessica Brown: And I'm just thinking.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: What can we do.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Jessica to an help woman train their daughters that they don't have to be mean.

Jessica Brown: Absolutely to.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Move forward I mean I don't know if I I know that may not have a straight answer, but any suggestions on maybe how mother's can work with their daughters.

Jessica Brown: On this.

Jessica Brown: Yeah, absolutely I.

Jessica Brown: Can give it a direct example because I have a daughter that's in middle school and I always tell her I'm like someone is always going to find something that they can find wrong with you, but what's important is that you know who you are so I offered her I, let her know.

Jessica Brown: We're not perfect.

Jessica Brown: I.

Jessica Brown: Let her know mom is not perfect.

Jessica Brown: I.

Jessica Brown: Do my best and so I tried to example fi be example to her or I don't talk down about myself.

Jessica Brown: Yeah.

Jessica Brown: Sometimes she post my my she pokes <unk> real I was like you know what but I tell you know what I love it, you know, I love all of me and I'm like you know, I'm like no I asked I said no one else is complaining know why you're <unk> [laughter].

Dr. Julie Ducharme: About it.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So I don't.

Jessica Brown: So things like that.

Jessica Brown: Just just show her an example even taking taking it to another is you know, she has friends that look differently and she'll come home and talk about <unk>.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: But.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Angle.

Jessica Brown: You know, she'll say something about a little boy is and I said well you know what that's he's unique just how he is and I'm like just like your unit and I'll point out.

Jessica Brown: Things about her that are unique and I'm like anyway, who wants to looks like everyone else.

Jessica Brown: That's boring unique is so cool.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Being.

Jessica Brown: I'm like despite what your friend say being unique is super cool, because everyone who want to look like everybody else and so I, just really try to just let her oh no it's cool to be different it's.

Jessica Brown: Cool to be <unk> it's.

Jessica Brown: Cool to be all of those things that the world tells you are not cool and you know, because I'm like at the end of the day like I don't wanna be like the next person I know that I was made just specifically as I am.

Jessica Brown: So <unk>, try to instill those values in her young, because no matter what I say to her.

Jessica Brown: Right.

Jessica Brown: What happens outside our.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Doors is.

Jessica Brown: Out of my control.

Jessica Brown: So all I doing doesn't mean that her feelings won't be her it doesn't mean that someone will say something new to her, but as long as I just really continue to to show her that her value comes from with within not with anyone outside says um so that's and it's hard I'm <unk> <unk>.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah, we need to share stories we both have girls in junior high and and I agree I mean being a mom is probably the toughest job I'll ever have in my life tougher than anything I'll ever do.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And also being a mom and one in our kids to have it better than we had it to skip the pain, but at the same time I'm like you know what the pain is, what shipped US the pain is what gave US character you know, just like you had those cars, but in the long run that was actually needing you to this amazing pass that you're in right it's hard to see at the.

Jessica Brown: Time.

Jessica Brown: But.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: God was like listen.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You know, Jessica I'm gonna give you a few scars now, but you're gonna be impacting people and young woman because of your experience and you know, that's that's I think the only help the hope we can have for all of our kids is like you said guide them and love them and let them know how important they are and then let those experiences.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Hopefully shape them and move them.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So I love it and.

Jessica Brown: I wanna.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Briefly chat.

Jessica Brown: On what you're gonna talk.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: About at she talks, because you're doing a workshop which once again for those of you thinking about going it is in Houston on March eleventh.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um lied and empower her dot com.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Click on the tour tap and you'll get your tickets there.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: But Jessica your work shop and obviously don't give it all away, but give US a few few little ideas of what you're.

Jessica Brown: Tell US about.

Jessica Brown: Gonna be doing usually.

Jessica Brown: So my work shop the title work shop that I will be facilitating will be coverage through your confidence.

Jessica Brown: Excuse me through the transition.

Jessica Brown: And so really I'll be talking about different times in my life.

Jessica Brown: Right.

Jessica Brown: When I had to have that confidence and I can't say that I was always confident in that transition, but um what um I found that there was a common a same throughout my different transitions and so I'll kind of unpack that a bit for the attendees and talk about how they can view transition and also work through right.

Jessica Brown: Because transition for anyone is scary because it's hard to know, what's on the other side, even if it's a I, just got like the dream job, my life it's still a transition to something you've, maybe never done before something totally new.

Jessica Brown: So transition can be really you know, it can be very jarring.

Jessica Brown: So this.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: <unk>.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Absolutely I I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Had that moment in my life.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Oh, my gosh it's it was terrifying.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Absolutely terrifying.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So I think what you're speaking on is.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So so needed.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So present and I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Think if anything covid showed US that many of US had the pit and transition some of US lost jobs some of US lost companies and <unk> and many women are kind of in this pit and transition in their life.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So this is gonna be awesome I love it is there.

Jessica Brown: Anything upcoming besides.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: She talks that we should keep an eye on any talks.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Any books.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Any events.

Jessica Brown: So there is a mom a there's a single mom summit for single month.

Jessica Brown: I'm a single mom.

Jessica Brown: So there's a single mom, <unk> part of the community that will be also in Houston Texas the week of memorial the weekend of memorial day weekend.

Jessica Brown: So it'll be may that Saturday don't know the date of the top it'll be the Saturday.

Jessica Brown: Um before memorial day.

Jessica Brown: So there'll be a static here.

Jessica Brown: It's gonna be at the woodlands if anyone's familiar with Houston.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: In you're in an area.

Jessica Brown: You know, a single mom.

Jessica Brown: Um definitely Ah.

Jessica Brown: So I will be um and I'll be promoting that on my instant Graham.

Jessica Brown: So be sure to follow me.

Jessica Brown: Yeah.

Jessica Brown: So and then I am kicking around.

Jessica Brown: So the story is I always like oh, you know, I really don't feel like I was glad to.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Write a book.

Jessica Brown: But the funniest thing you know, I I'm a I'm, a I'm a woman of faith in God, you know, he speaks to and some of the most interesting I I always say he has a <unk>.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yes, he does.

Jessica Brown: [laughter] that she knows what I do she hears me on calls and I you know, I said on calls, I'll I don't, feel like I was led to write a book and she wrote my mom is a code.

Jessica Brown: She is a moderation speaker and she is an author she writes books for and I was like I'll.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: She's like lemme.

Jessica Brown: Look when I wrote and I was like.

Jessica Brown: And I said can I have that and so she gave it to me.

Jessica Brown: So I have it tucked away and I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Was like okay.

Jessica Brown: All right.

Jessica Brown: Is this month is this my [laughter] just because you weren't let doesn't mean that you know, you won't let it you need to be late.

Jessica Brown: So I.

Jessica Brown: So yeah.

Jessica Brown: So I'm just like okay.

Jessica Brown: Well maybe I mean I, do I have a story to share a dynamic, even about my daughter and how I I came about motherhood which is quite interesting story.

Jessica Brown: Um enough itself.

Jessica Brown: So [laughter] we have time for all that today.

Jessica Brown: But.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: That's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Awesome.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well anything you do make sure you Tangney <unk> and power her because you're in the family now.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So once you're in the family man.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: We got you so and you know, it it's books are interesting.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Same thing I'm in the process of writing another one that's a very different for anything I've ever done.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: But it's it's focused on woman a woman actually being a proverb thirty one woman woman in this day and age.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um it's a process <unk> and some of those things I was working on I'd be like Ah you're calling me I've got your calling me out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: [laughter], you know, so so it will come I'm excited for you on that.

Jessica Brown: Um so this is.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So awesome.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And once again I hope you guys are coming to Lita and power her dot com.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um and just so you know, you know, Jessica has a daughter in middle school I, have a daughter my daughter's come to these leading power her talks, you it's braided G they're, welcome to come bring your daughter's junior high school I say a little younger might be too much for them and let them be a part of this my daughter's done two and then she brought a friend and her friend was like can I travel with you guys and just go to all of these.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So.

Jessica Brown: Great.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I think it's a great way for these younger woman to see US older woman be transparent and talk about our challenges, but also we're at and so my last question for you Jessica is if you could go back to your younger self and give your younger self advice.

Jessica Brown: What would you say.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: <unk> that's a good one.

Jessica Brown: <unk> you know what everything that you're going through.

Jessica Brown: Right now is for is for a greater purpose.

Jessica Brown: Just keep going awesome.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I love it love it love it.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Thank.

Jessica Brown: You so much for being.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: On the show and I always say live love laugh and always be your authentic self.