Ep 07: Clear for Takeoff

Clear for Takeoff Podcast Transcript

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Hi welcome to the authentically you podcast I am Dr. Julie Ducharme .So glad to be back once again, we revamped the whole podcast and shows. So it's just fun being on video.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um you guys getting to see the faces of some amazing people I'm getting to interview out there.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And I'm really excited today.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I got connected with Dr. Karin Samuel through another podcast and um you know, not even knowing anything about her, we met and then I started talking and of course I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Do a ton of stuff with veterans and so a doctor Kamman.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: She began her career as the US navy's first female African American helicopter pilot which is amazing and she was there for nine years and you know, when you have amazing people doing amazing things.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: She just went on and after she retired from the military.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: She went on to get a PhD in positive <unk> psychology, three master's and information system spiritual psychology and spiritual science and she's a best selling author along with a philanthropy I'm really excited to talk with her today.

Dr. Karin Samuel: List.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Cam welcome to the show.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Thank you Julie <unk>.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So nice to be here and I apologize for.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Any <unk>.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Oh.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I'm.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So sorry <unk>.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Do it you know, it's due Sean everyone gets it wrong and <unk>?


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well my favorite mispronounces they said do Sharon and I even corrected I just said yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: That's me [laughter] I'm used to it.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So.

Dr. Karin Samuel: I, just wanted to Sharon.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Thank.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You so much I'm gonna call you doctor.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Just gonna call you.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Hello.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Doctor.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Doctor doctor.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well you know, it's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So amazing that that we met because as we talked about I met.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Bernice.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um is the first um after American female combat pilot and and of course we're gonna you and <unk> are gonna get to me on another thing.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: We're doing which is so cool that this is just all coming full circle.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And as you know, we do a lot of work, not only.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: With veterans, but woman veterans and empowering and supporting woman veterans and I'm really excited for you to tell your story, because you've received.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So much and I'm sure it wasn't easy Ah, but we were talking, you know the other day about you know how this all started for you and and and you were mentioning to me like they didn't know what to do with me and and I want to talk about that because I thought that was really interesting of how did you end up you know going into this pilot program and and were you planning to break barriers or is it just kind of something that that happened in.

Dr. Karin Samuel: For you.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Oh Julie it's such a great question, because I I really love to say I was the least likely to go into being an a pilot I was you know, a scared little you know, twenty one year old when I got there I I was not an athlete I there was no part of me that said I should be doing this I was not trying to break barriers I was actually just trying not to quit [laughter] that was really all I was trying to do is just don't quit.

Dr. Karin Samuel: That's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Amazing.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well well what you know when you went in you said um you know, you didn't they weren't expecting you and you you really kept your head down and what was that like as you were going through train were you the only woman there as well.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: A was it just you.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And all men.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Well when I went to Pensacola first to go to the <unk> school.

Dr. Karin Samuel: There were other woman there.

Dr. Karin Samuel: But no other black females.

Dr. Karin Samuel: African American emails had finished the program for seven years render Robinson was the very first one and that was seven years before me and most of the woman had fallen out and dropped out and so um I you know, all I really did make a promise to myself 'cause I felt like you know, I was kind of a loosey, goosey kinda teenager and in college and so I really just didn't wanna quit.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So when I got there I I struggled physically because I wasn't an athlete I failed every run I I got a lot of chances because I was a black female and I know that but um it but it was really this opportunity I when I got my commission I was towards the bottom of the class I'm.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Not at the bottom, but towards the bottom and I made a promise to myself that I would um I would never be at the bottom again and so that served me with that one promise served me.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So well when I got up to flight school and they said well when you get to a when you've complete, if your number one, you get the squadron of your choice.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So I <unk> that's what I meant when I said I kept my head down I literally just I studied.

Dr. Karin Samuel: All the time I had never wanted to be a pilot before you know, it was offered to me second semester senior year of college it was you know, I really just wanted to go into business and it was an opportunity for me to do that.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Um and and when they offered agent was like <unk> I don't know, [laughter], so I tried it ended up doing it ended up loving it, but I I was I was scared every day of uh getting my.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Wings and and flying.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So uh when I got to the end of that a flight school I was number one and I will tell you I didn't remember this Julie.

Dr. Karin Samuel: But.

Dr. Karin Samuel: My mother told me because I was number one by a lot and so they're two helicopter squadron, they actually moved my date to be with the my graduation date to be with the other command where there was a white male graduated.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And so that it would you know, I was just like okay, whatever Ah.

Dr. Karin Samuel: But that that happened and when I did graduate number one I did not get the quarter of my choice.

Dr. Karin Samuel: I requested San Diego I.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Got Norfolk I cried for three days and then kind of called DC called everybody.

Dr. Karin Samuel: I knew and they're like needs of the navy and in hindsight was the best decision to go to Norfolk I.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Got great ports out of it and and flying and so I worked on my favor, but it it felt very unfair at the time.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah, I can imagine and I appreciate your transparency.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You know a lot of times people think and it's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Okay, to think that that you know, we're indestructible.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And we were just great.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: In perfect from the beginning and we had no issues and I always think that's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So far from the truth being a high level athlete I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Remember crying in the shower fighting.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: My way to top being the under dog and you know, I think those are things that really create these amazing characteristics as you talk about obviously by your bio, you can see that you didn't stop at number one in the navy, you continued out and obviously that served you well and so after you saved your nine years um I did wanna touch on remember you said that when you came out, you didn't do a lot of media, you were very quiet about this, which um it's interesting to me because obviously you know, we like to celebrate the barrier breakers and so what what made you wanna be more quiet and not make a big deal out of it.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Well when I first got my condition I had um was doing a lot of Press with.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Um uh Tuskegee airman.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So I.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Did do a lot of work with them and it was wonderful to to be on stage with them.

Dr. Karin Samuel: However.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: The challenge.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Was that I?


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Really wasn't.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Sure of myself.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So I didn't want to make a mistake or have the needy.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Um [laughter] disparaged me in anyway.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So I just really wanted to go back and and really work on being number one, because I was kind of like limping along at the beginning.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Um and so when I came out it was kind of the same thing I went a hundred and eighty out.

Dr. Karin Samuel: I kinda went I was tired of being a boy after nine years.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So I kinda went towards the more of a female business and.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I really was I put.

Dr. Karin Samuel: It.

Dr. Karin Samuel: In a category that was so separate from me it was like oh I was uh I was a pilot and I'm now a business owner and then I failed and I failed miserably and and so then it was the same and embarrassment of a bankruptcy to for closures and really having to survive choose to survive that and and move on.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And you know, I I, you in hindsight, we always look at these failures.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Right.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: We think.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Wow.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I really I had to have that fail because it opened up another door it changed my direction and but but man it does hurt when we have those moments of failure.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um and you know, I have a daughter who is almost fourteen and we're having these conversations now about you.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And everyone doesn't get a price and failure happens and she's getting to that point in her life where that's gonna happen.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um but you know uh you didn't fail for long because I have down here, you transitioned and you're working at technology media company and you quickly climb the corporate ladder to become the vice President of global website operations at a billion dollar company, how did that happen after this failure?


Dr. Karin Samuel: Well I took sometime to figure out.

Dr. Karin Samuel: What my goodness?


Dr. Karin Samuel: So I had a um a master's in information technology, but I also didn't think that that was worth anything because it had been years before I I.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Yeah.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And my self esteem took such a hit when I my business failed and so I had to really think about the things that I love to do so I love to code a web pages at the time.

Dr. Karin Samuel: This was a few decades ago and learn the H T M L I I.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Also had worked for a a a doctor I had wanted to get into I wanted to be a doctor it's actually my undergrad was started as pre med [laughter] didn't, make it all the way through and switched to a different major um but um that idea of helping people was always in me.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Um and so I learned web pages I got a great web developer job and then it was just kind of entry level and then I set my sites on like okay entry level I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I'm pretty good.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Let.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Me just keep and I learned a methodology that I used within myself that I teach other woman of how to kinda grow their.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Carrier <unk>.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And so I.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Did and you know, there were so many different twist and turns to my carrier incorporate but everything along the line was mean mentoring people I loved being people manager I, loved helping people grow I mean when they come to me with issues or problems in their lives.

Dr. Karin Samuel: I just would light up I'm like I.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Guess [laughter] and they.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Are like where.

Dr. Karin Samuel: You know, I'm crying or whatever.

Dr. Karin Samuel: <unk> this is.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Awesome.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: <unk> this is something I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Can help.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You with their like <unk>.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So sorry about my problem.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: [laughter].

Dr. Karin Samuel: But that also you know, I'd like to say I, you know, I been a coach since I was seven kinda boxing.

Dr. Karin Samuel: My dad around and telling him that he there were things that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: He needed to do better.

Dr. Karin Samuel: In his life [laughter].

Dr. Karin Samuel: So it was just kind of a natural progression and and that's being able to take care of people what's what advanced me.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Awesome.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well and that's what I I think here as I look that you're now a coach.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And you work with a a long line I mean there's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So many amazing things here besides being a coach and you're a keynote speaker and you do work shops and of course you have your books.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So now you're a full time successful entrepreneur, right.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So what are you doing in this I know, there's a lot of facets too it?


Dr. Julie Ducharme: But.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Give US a little summary.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Well Julie you said something really perfect, like the in you know, our breakdown or the breakthroughs.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Right.

Dr. Karin Samuel: The things that that happened to US.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So when I failed financially I knew that I had created that in my mind first and then um had to realize well if I could create that how do I create that how do I create what I want in my life and so that's really been my journey and the things that I helped people with how to clear the the blocks and believes that they grew up with that.

Dr. Karin Samuel: They picked up what's in their subconscious mind and a lot of the work that I do today is with people business owners executives and I I train a lot of coaches and have apprentices that are really it's it's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: How do we?


Dr. Karin Samuel: We see what we want and there's a veil there that that seems to separate US, you know, my job is to go in and help them refrain they're past clear their pass, because I'm also a clinical <unk> therapist.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Um to.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: To really.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Pull out those believes and memories and blocks that hold US back.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Um.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I I just think I think that's a <unk>.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well and you have a PhD in positive narrow psychology, which just means you're very very smart.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um and as my friend jokes you know, you can read our minds, right.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Because we understand our.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Minds Joyce.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Jokes <unk> this is like I, can read your mind.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um.

Dr. Karin Samuel: But you know.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: It's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So interesting because you talk about clearing those blocks and we were talking the other day about fear.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And how powerful.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Fear is and how it can literally just completely stop someone from moving forward in their life from moving forward on something and um someone was asking me in interview.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well what what are the barriers who stopped you you know, and I was like you know, I can't, give you a person's name that stopped me from doing the things I did I can tell you that it was probably me and my barriers and my mental hang up and the fear that I had which slowed me down and I find that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So interesting, because um very rarely do I run into someone who says well there's a very specific person that helped me down and stopped me from doing it and so when you have like this um who come you've got these these um issues coming in you know how do you approach that I'm like I'm doing say Hey I'm, just struggling with fear do I get past this what's, something that you would do.

Dr. Karin Samuel: How.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Such a great question, because.

Dr. Karin Samuel: The way you said it was it's purpose like it's, not outside of US I.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Remember one time someone said you know my mother lives around the corner and I'm like my mother lives in here.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: In my brain [laughter].

Dr. Karin Samuel: Closer than next, you know around the corner and so I might know.

Dr. Karin Samuel: I love my mother as I grew up.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Have a wonderful family, but and at the same time they're a lot of believes that came in a lot of things.

Dr. Karin Samuel: She they wanted to protect US I grew up in an all white area and they wanted to protect US.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So there were things like don't embarrass US out.

Dr. Karin Samuel: There.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Well we don't know what that means.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Don't embarrass US translates into stay in this box.

Dr. Karin Samuel: There is some.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Threat out.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Here and and we don't know where it is right.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And so.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: It kept me.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Safe in this box of not expanding for a long time until I realized uh wait that was a time when she was trying to protect me and there was a time that he was trying to protect her.

Dr. Karin Samuel: She was because she was a principal in the in the area.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So you know, she also didn't want bad children.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Out there.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So it's helping from me when someone comes and says you know, I'm afraid to do.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: This I'm.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Like we'll tell me tell me about that fear tell me what it's telling you.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Who's voice?


Dr. Karin Samuel: Is it and many times it is one of the parent it could be a school counselor it could be a Church, whatever and it could be made up as children a lot of the work I?


Dr. Karin Samuel: Do is with younger cells to help them realize people don't realize they most times have a younger version of themselves.

Dr. Karin Samuel: That's actually in charge of them [laughter].

Dr. Julie Ducharme: They're the ones we.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Were having the tantrums.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So we can get them to see oh it's, this person is an adult now.

Dr. Karin Samuel: They don't know, it's there.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And usually it's under hypnosis that I do that.

Dr. Karin Samuel: But it's it's really this opportunity for US to realize that something else is running US where we afraid of and we can get our why big enough and and why from this I must I must become this I must lot of them wanna write a book.

Dr. Karin Samuel: I must write a book.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Why why must you because I have something that can can help another person thrive in their life and I?


Dr. Karin Samuel: Do not want anybody not to thrive <unk>.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So that's the opportunity for people to see that there's.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So much, enter work that they can.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Do and it doesn't have to be.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Harder.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Or worries.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And it just just to identify what hours today.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: We just have.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: It's kind of peeling the onion, right.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So and I know some people even will say to me I don't wanna Peel that onion because I'm afraid I'm gonna Peel back too far, you know.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um but it makes more sense I love how you talk about the younger self, because you know, people will say if you could go back to your younger.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Self and give them advice.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And you know, when you start thinking about that and and you talked about you know, being this.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Non Athletic.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You know, person who was trying that didn't pass every test and of course here you are rocking it becoming number one, you know, um I love that because you had.

Dr. Karin Samuel: To overcome, right.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: The the I'm sure you had something inside you telling you like a no no, you can't do this you're.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Not Athletic enough you're.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Not whatever.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And I was just having this conversation with girls at my daughter's volleyball game and they went into this gym that was a really strange set up and there's a really low ceiling and right away.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Junior high.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: They were like I can't I can't.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: No, this is like I can't plan.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: This is it's too hard I can't I can't and I had to be like listen, you know, you're making up an excuse that's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Not true.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You can play in this.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You can do this, but they had these just preconceived ideas that because it was whatever they couldn't do it.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You know, and we we were trying to break through that barrier of you can you just need to but it was so incredibly hard and convince these junior.

Dr. Karin Samuel: To try.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Hi girls that they could do it and I started thinking what has been happening in your life to make you think that you.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Can't.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Do this little thing?


Dr. Julie Ducharme: You know, it was really interest of course I'm not a psychologist or anything.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: But I remember kinda walking away from the game really frustrated like why would I not convinced these girls that they could step past.

Dr. Karin Samuel: This issue.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Which is what.

Dr. Karin Samuel: You obviously are doing.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: For people as helping them figure that out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: But I was thinking later on in life.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: How is this gonna happen?


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Right.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Right now.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: They're fourteen thirteen.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Fourteen point I can't I can't I just can't.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Do.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: It.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um so the coach you know, it's really my goal to help them.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: See that they could do it and I could move forward.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um but now as I look at that I.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Think to myself.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So what when they get older.

Dr. Karin Samuel: What.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Is that young junior high girl gonna be telling the?


Dr. Karin Samuel: Older version.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Of herself and I just think it's the work, you do is so important you know, we we we have these hang ups.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: We gotta get past and a lot of times we may need someone like you to help.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: US figure that out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You know, figure out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: The y and Peel back the engine and and I absolutely love that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um and I wanna talk a little bit more about your books as well, cause I know you have several books with work books that are very helpful and so and you have several which I know we don't have time to talk about every single one, but is there one in particular you love to point out that you think would be great.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Yes.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And can before before we do that I wanna make a point about the junior high girls one of the things that I'm working with my clients on all the time is um when they say I can't, do this or I'm afraid to do this I change the language to it's just not familiar?


Dr. Karin Samuel: So our brains like what's familiar and comfortable and safe.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So it's actually really normal for them to be like afraid or I can't, because each of US have this negativity by US that's inside of US.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: That you know.

Dr. Karin Samuel: That's.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Why it kind of spends out of control with each of US that's that's kind of our <unk> part of our <unk> vital mechanism?


Dr. Karin Samuel: So one of the things you can tell the girls is you know, it's just not familiar to you it's it's you've, never.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Done this before.

Dr. Karin Samuel: How about we suspend disbelief and just give it a try what if we could do it let's just practice and see and a lot of the times when I'm working with people just practice?


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Practice into.

Dr. Karin Samuel: It versus thinking that they have to master it ahead of time.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So when I use, especially with adults it's just unfamiliar it seems to calm they're nervous system 'cause, what we wanna do is make the unfamiliar now into the familiar and vice Versa the thing the patterns of keeping them save in the familiar patterns where they hold themselves back less familiar from them.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Having a a testing or like an experimenting persona does that make sense.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Absolutely I love that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And we're definitely gonna try that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Because what I have to say working with junior girls it's probably been the most difficult thing.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I've ever done in my life.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: That's, including like labor.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um everything.

Dr. Karin Samuel: They're a whole different.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Ball of wax and I I love them.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: But at the same time I'm like what I like this in junior [laughter] like [laughter].

Dr. Julie Ducharme: We make a joke.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I'm always like that Jesus take the wheel.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: All right here here we go.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Um so.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I love that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um so thank you for sharing that and um yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So what are some books that you could recommend for US.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um I know.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: They're all great.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: They've.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Been best selling award winning.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um so for those of our listeners who might be out here.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: What what are some of the ones you reckon?


Dr. Karin Samuel: Well um one of my favorites is is one that came out.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Just a couple of years ago which is the conscious love workbook that I had the pleasure and honor of writing with gay Hendrickson <unk> and Carol Klein and that was based on their book conscious, love and it's a it's a wonderful like I couldn't put the book down like it was just so fascinating to me and and every.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Like every chapter.

Dr. Karin Samuel: As I had to put it down to go buy another copy for one of my clients and so I reached out to get hundreds who I happened to know and and we talked about.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Okay.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Well what would it look like to um to write a workbook that goes with that.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And I have journals the West transformation journal.

Dr. Karin Samuel: The successful life transformation general as well.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And then the the book that really tells my stories increase your budget starting today, but probably conscious lock is my favorite and then I have another another the consciously workbook is is my favorite I.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Have another book coming up very soon.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Awesome.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well we definitely wanna hear about that when that happens, you need to tag.

Dr. Karin Samuel: US <unk>.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Quoted out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well I typically ask our clients towards the end of our podcast one.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well you just mentioned you have another book coming out is there anything else going on that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You want our listeners to know about or where you want them to go to get more of what you're doing.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Yes.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And and then next book that's coming out is also coauthored it's <unk> it's called Wells creation for coaches a workbook for creating a thriving and <unk> state sustainable practice as a prospers coach one step at a time and it's with Steve Chandler who is known as the godfather of coaching and so I'm really excited about that book it comes out soon and one of the things that I did put together and this is for your your listeners if they um go.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: To.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Either my website, but which is <unk> Samuel dot com, but they can also go to wealth flight school dot com and I have a plethora a whole repository of of articles and pdf of some of the books and a recordings there just to help.

Dr. Karin Samuel: I really have a heart to help people on their financial journey to realize it's just money it's, just they when I realized on the other side of all of my financial woes it's just money.

Dr. Karin Samuel: I began to thrive in a different way and see it and realize that I could I could design it and create differently and create the life that I wanted to live and so I highly recommend just go into well flight school dot com it says twenty eight dollars and then when you go there it just says free and just sign up I don't send a lot of emails that might change with the book coming up [laughter], but it's really designed for people of any background.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Um that is wanting to get out of debt or they are they might even be making a lot of money and still have money years and want to go to the next level for themselves.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: That's I I love that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And and it says in here obviously you're <unk> you're in.

Dr. Karin Samuel: To helping people.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And you know, gosh money, you said something and I actually heard of um I was in National doing a master class training and.

Dr. Karin Samuel: The person.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: There said if you're focused on revenue you're not gonna get anywhere, you should be focusing on the assets and what's behind that and how powerful is that to say you know, when you just said it's just money, right.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Just I mean that's.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So powerful to me too, take the stress of that word money and change it.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um so I love that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So I hope those you guys are listening I mean I'm all about free free stuff.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So if you guys go there and check that out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: We'll put the links on it and if you could give a tip or two to our listeners.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um who maybe.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Entrepreneurs.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Attempting to move forward maybe they've had a failure or a bankruptcy and they're really trying to figure out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Like what's the next step.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: What are some tips that you could give them?


Dr. Karin Samuel: That's wonderful, because the first thing I would say is your any anybody who's experienced failure.

Dr. Karin Samuel: A gives you a little.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Bit of credibility.

Dr. Karin Samuel: [laughter] I didn't know that initially and I remember having a conversation with Aventura capitalist and I we he was kind of you know, having a we're having a nice conversation, but it wasn't until I I said that I had a bankruptcy and he was like oh and and it was almost like <unk> it it gave me the credibility to have a different level of conversation 'cause I was badly tested and so we have survived so much and so if we use that as a launching pad one of things that I put in my latest book is is about mistakes.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Mistakes put a hyphen in that it's a MIS hyphen.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Take it's just it's like in the film industry let's just do it again like um the ability for US to.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Realize.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Oh I, just found another way like Thomas said it's in another way that didn't work that's.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Okay.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Um 'cause I came from a family where it wasn't.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Okay to make mistakes.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And we were.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Supposed to do it.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Right.

Dr. Karin Samuel: And do it right?


Dr. Karin Samuel: The first time and so and then I've heard you tell the the Sarah Blakely story to like Earth dad was like yeah.

Dr. Karin Samuel: What mistakes did you make wait I was like what?


Dr. Julie Ducharme: [laughter] how with my.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Family.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And such, an ability.

Dr. Karin Samuel: For people to realize like oh I, just found one way I had a mistake with a mistake with the business business that I started.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: It almost.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Stopped me again from going into business I was like wait.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: That business didn't.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Fit who I am.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: A part of this is.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Also for people to look for.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Where they aligned?


Dr. Karin Samuel: With who they are their energies their strings at work with a lot of people on strengths.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Um and coming from their strength as super powers and and focusing on that.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Um and I think.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: The third thing I would.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Say is from that alignment and from your strength.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Recreate.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Create again and keep in mind what I said earlier if fear is.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Showing up.

Dr. Karin Samuel: If you're if we if resistance in anyway.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Is showing up.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Um a great book is the warm Bart.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Bye Stephen Chris feel.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Um.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Is if resistance is showing up just saying oh that's, just not familiar to me.

Dr. Karin Samuel: I, can learn the skill to get through that and and if we cheat a treat life like oh this is a new.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Experience this is a new test.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: We.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Can go.

Dr. Karin Samuel: So much further.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well I I love that I mean those such great tips.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And such a great way to end on this and hold on doctor coming Samuel getting I'm getting it.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Right girl I'm <unk> the wrong again.

Dr. Karin Samuel: I'm.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Never gonna get wrong again.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I'm.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So excited and so for those you guys listening, you know the what you're preaching is.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Gosh.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I wish I had this.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Fifteen.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Years ago.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I I, you know the the lack of membership and the.

Dr. Karin Samuel: Lack of this and.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And the path I had to take to kind of figure it all out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I I feel like I could've been fifteen years ahead.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um so if you guys are thinking about any of this obviously we'll post the link again, make sure you go check out.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: The website the books.

Dr. Karin Samuel: That are going on.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: I love all this and of course if you're driving and listing right now don't worry we'll post.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: All the links you can go back in and get those.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: But it was such an honor today to speak with you like I, have goosebumps because this is such good advice and I love this and and I'm super excited to for those.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: You guys were gonna write an article as well.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: And some of our magazine that are like Collins and so we'll dive, even deeper into that and I don't know we might get a few snippets of you and her niece on this on the same zoom together.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: A which is gonna be super fun.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So you guys be ready for a lot of great stuff coming out from um everyone in this.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: So thank you so much for being on the show and as I always say live love laugh and always be your authentic cell.