Ep 04: Taking Another Step and Fighting Through

Taking Another Step and Fighting Through Podcast Transcript

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Hi and welcome to the authentically you podcast I'm doctor Julie Ducharme back for another great episode as always we were talking with authentic guests doing some pretty amazing things around the world and today I have with us Joe De Sena he's the founder and CEO Spartan race and just a little background on Joe he's been a businessman since his preteens from selling fireworks at the age of eight to starting a teacher business in high school and building a multi million dollar pool business in college and also heading to wall Street and creating a trading firm and now he has Spartan races Joe welcome to the show.


Joe De Sena: Thanks for having me.


Joe De Sena: Feel like I actually something <unk> [laughter] just a.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Few.


Dr. Julie Ducharme:You know, I I I everything you do resonates with me I was a younger I started very young.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um actually I think my first mini company I started was in high school um I'll also kind of teacher sports business stuff I was always making list in my tree house instead of paying I was making list on how I could create things and sell things and I.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I think I started out young just picking berries a for a farmer and I felt like I wasn't getting paid my dues and I told him that I thought he should pay more um and that's when my dad was like I think you might be an <unk> er um so you know, seeing what you've done is it's always inspirational to meet people who have that fire and and that that I feel like that <unk> spirit is very unique among people and before we get too far into what we're currently doing I'd love for our listeners and yours who don't know you very well to hear a little bit of the back story of how you went from wall Street to Spartan it seems like a really big jump and such a change in industry from what you were doing.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.


Joe De Sena: Well even before Wall Street I grew up in Queens, New York.


Joe De Sena: If you ever saw the movie goodfellas I grew up ground zero, right.


Joe De Sena: Where that movie was?


Joe De Sena: Um was filled and and what it depicted which was a bunch of folks that were hardworking or and or um hosting stealing and killing.


Joe De Sena: So you know as a kid the tape that was playing in my head at a very young age was you know what I talked enough.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um.


Joe De Sena: But everybody in that neighborhood was getting something done there.


Joe De Sena: Even if they're doing bad things and so if you didn't hustle um you probably got left behind.


Joe De Sena: So it's definitely where I got a little spark and then my mom who found yoga in meditation at a health food store, which is probably the only health for the entire East coast back in the early seventies.


Joe De Sena:  She.


Joe De Sena: Um she debited my mom and they're both a talent.


Joe De Sena: But her mom had died of cancer.


Joe De Sena: She was looking for something different this was a complete left, turn um before you know, it rather than eggplant Parmesan in the kitchen there were Indians chanting with rose on and beads and like everything.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Has changed <unk> that's a big change [laughter].


Joe De Sena: Parents.


Joe De Sena: Um got divorced.


Joe De Sena: Needless to say my mom took my sister and I she moved to ethical New York, because <unk> New York was much more open minded to things like this it's a college community and um.


Joe De Sena: I couldn't, wait to get back to the neighborhood I wanted to be with dad I wanted to be a tough guy.


Joe De Sena: wanted to make money and um.


Joe De Sena: And so I went back and forth between ethic and Queens for most of my childhood.


Joe De Sena: Um and then somehow made my way into college graduating college got the advice of somebody from Ithaca who got me to wall Street.


Joe De Sena:And I realized.


Joe De Sena: Oh wow.


Joe De Sena: This is this is actually the big time.


Joe De Sena:This is um five levels, ten levels above a.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Queens new.


Joe De Sena: York and we were making money and we had a we had a great great run on wall Street, but it didn't feel purposeful.


Joe De Sena: Um and some of the ways I found sanity, you know in a really crazy place where where you're chasing money, but you're not getting fulfillment.


Joe De Sena: Um what I found adventure racing I found these crazy races.


Joe De Sena: All over the world crazier.


Joe De Sena: They were the more interested I wasn't doing them.


Joe De Sena: Yeah.


Joe De Sena: I.


Joe De Sena: Did a route across Alaska by foot without without a dog.


Joe De Sena: Course, you know without the dog, the sleds um because across Switzerland in Finland anywhere in the world, the crazier wasn't where I had to do it and in doing those events a number one I build tremendous bottoms with people I.


Joe De Sena: Did them with anybody from military.


Joe De Sena: We know that you know, those people you're in foxhole with um the difference for life, right.


Joe De Sena: You become dependent on each other and so um.


Joe De Sena: I got a lot I, got a lot of that from from those events.


Joe De Sena: I also got um purpose just felt alive and um I learned what was important.


Joe De Sena: And you know, I got to a place where I would do those where I just wanted water, food and shelter and when you just want quarter food and shelter it's a really refreshing place to be just just the other day I went for a big run with some of my old friend that I used to do these races with and we're out.


Joe De Sena: There.


Joe De Sena: Five six hours it was hot it's two days ago.


Joe De Sena: We stumbled upon a woman's selling grapes on the side of the road.


Joe De Sena: We bought some grapes.


Joe De Sena: And they're the best.


Joe De Sena: Grapes.


Joe De Sena: Ever have like [laughter] like literally they could've been rocks and they were the best rates ever had didn't matter.


Joe De Sena: And it's.


Joe De Sena: So nice there's.


Joe De Sena: So many people that never experienced that in this first world where we have so much abundance, but um.


Joe De Sena: But I had such a great time.


Joe De Sena: That I dreamed of starting a business that would put these races on all over the world in a manner that would that would attract the masses that would attract no tens of millions of people and I don't know it would work or not and quite frankly it didn't work for many years we lost money lost money and lost money and finally in twenty fifteen twenty sixteen it started to work financially by twenty nineteen.


Joe De Sena: We bought our competitors tough motor we're on top of the world I somehow thought for a moment I was a genius and then a covid.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: [laughter].


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: [laughter] the.


Joe De Sena: Entire world got shut down and we lost an insane amount of money and um and now we're really we're just coming back now.

Joe De Sena: It's it's it is not it's America actually America.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I I love that story.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Especially we talk about purpose <unk> resonates with me I had moved to a big position early on in my career.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I was very young and it was a big thing that I've made it there and I remember getting about maybe six months into the position and thinking I hate this I.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Hate this job.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Wasn't what I wanted I was just following what everyone said was the path I should take because that was the path of success and I.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Remember thinking if this is success.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I don't want it because this isn't the purpose this isn't my goal and and that was a big transition for me looking at that going what is really success.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: What is my purpose and really re defining it that it wasn't?


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So much about money in a big position, but it was what I had a passion about you know, I mean we can go anywhere and make a ton of money, but I really realize this was probably right around a close to maybe between thirty five and forty that I was like you know what that's I've been chasing this for.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So long that's not what I want and so you know, when you talk about that, you know, you were working in a really great successful job, making lots of money, but it wasn't filling I I get that um because I remember that transition from myself.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um so I love that.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Because you have such a unique um resonate I myself, have a very unique strange residence someone says can you send your <unk> ma'am like oh God.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Okay.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah, but you know like it needs a long explanation with it.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So I can tell you all the different things that I transitioned to um so I love that.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: And I love it it's coming back.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um I actually learned about starting from a friend who um was attempting to lose quite a bit of weight and it was actually in big bear here in California and he told me he was gonna run this part and I.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Remember thinking about I'm thinking like gosh, was gonna be able to do it and it's what started him on his weight loss journey and he's over the years.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: He keeps doing this part and she's lost a turn away and it was a real motivation for him and that's actually how I learned about it um those races.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So it's it's really need to know someone who's participated in this and had success with that Spartan mindset that you preach all the time.


Joe De Sena: Yeah.


Joe De Sena: I mean first of all is the Spartan details from twenty five hundred years ago is amazing.


Joe De Sena: We could all around the Globe use a little more of it and um and once you get a date on the calendar, whether you're a box or where you're in the military or you're a mom and you know, you're you're gonna give birth in nine months or <unk> or you wouldn't you and your partner are gonna get married in in a year like once you have a date on the calendar.


Joe De Sena: Um.


Joe De Sena: You hold yourself accountable, you start waking up earlier you put down the cookies, put down the best one.


Joe De Sena: Right.


Joe De Sena: You're doing the work because you know that date is coming without a date on the calendar.


Joe De Sena: We become complacent we're.


Joe De Sena: Not doing the work.


Joe De Sena: We put on some extra pounds.


Joe De Sena: We wake up a little later.


Joe De Sena: So I love having dates on the calendar that's really the service we provide to the world we put down the calendar.


Joe De Sena: We scared the shit out of you.


Joe De Sena: [laughter] <unk> work.


Joe De Sena: Are you <unk>?


Joe De Sena: Um.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: We're like three hours.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: We actually have a cabin up in big bear.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So I'm in I'm in San Diego Ah, but we go up there regularly.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So that's how we found out about.

Joe De Sena: It we have another brand.


Joe De Sena: We you know, there's a few different disciplines under under our brand Spartan and one of them is called Highlander adventure and in September we have a sixty mile hike [laughter].


Joe De Sena: So.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I'll email.


Joe De Sena: Me afterwards I'm gonna I'm gonna connect, you and your whole audience or it's gonna be no charge.


Joe De Sena: Anybody that wants to do that then.


Joe De Sena: Awesome.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: We'll.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Do that.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well I as you know, work with a lot of veterans.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So I have a feeling I I'm stacked up, right in between the two.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Navy seal bases here.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So we could just get a huge group of all of our special ops guys and get them out.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: There go.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Do that.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: That would be super fine.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So that's amazing.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well I want to talk a little about you know that I I played.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um you know, professional sports at a high level and I actually have a thirteen year old daughter and a ten year old son who are starting to play sports and um we were talking you know in another meeting about you bringing kids.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um out to your your branch or is the branch or farm I'm not sure if it's <unk>.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So far farm and you know doing some really intense camps with them and I think we talked about the name was death cap or something like that.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um and I'm big on that uh going as far as I was under dog.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I grew up on a farm I had no club training, just just brought talent and will you know, it was something that I wanted and so I got routed to play in college, but I was at I was at the bottom like I <unk> work really hard to get there.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: No one gave me any trophies and today we we do a lot of like give everyone a trophy make everyone feel good.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: We don't want you to lose which which a lot of people say I don't have good empathy for this.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: But I feel like that's disservice to our youth and with you working with you with um especially the younger kids like this age group, how do you feel about that and training up our kids?


Joe De Sena: So I'm on the same page.


Joe De Sena: We we um I've been pushing out.


Joe De Sena: I have four children.


Joe De Sena: My wife I've been pushing the kids pretty hard for um for most of their life we hired a cool master from China to live in our house on the farm on our oldest was four years old and he would wake them up at five thirty in the morning.


Joe De Sena: And train them trained them at night I'll.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Now.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Speak.


Joe De Sena: Fooled Mandarin.


Joe De Sena: Um they're.


Joe De Sena: Great little athletes.


Joe De Sena: And um.


Joe De Sena: And I just you know, a lot of people listening to this would say other guys crazy who would who would move a come full master into their household.


Joe De Sena: The opportunity existed to do it and um it was weird for sure, but think about it they speak fluent, perfect manager [laughter] and it helps.


Joe De Sena: Their Athletic ambitions and I believe it's gonna get them into good colleges, because they're better athletes for it, but it requires a lot of work as a parent you have to do the work and you're, not no it's.


Joe De Sena: Not it's.


Joe De Sena: Not a game of friendship.


Joe De Sena: Uh I'm gonna make the best you know, best friends it it's really a game of raising young adults and um and and so they need boundaries and and and guardrails and um and they didn't they need opticals put in front of them.


Joe De Sena: Not taken away.


Joe De Sena: Um and they have to feel pain.


Joe De Sena: The pain of losing because that's when we learn um and so with that thought process and that methodology a three or four years ago we started something on the farm you know, death camp that's called camps.


Joe De Sena: Pardon.


Joe De Sena: But I called death cap.


Joe De Sena: The kids <unk>.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Death camp, because.


Joe De Sena: It sounds so bad ass like <unk> we'll.


Joe De Sena: Do that.


Joe De Sena: Definitely know that death camp and um you know, it's a couple of weeks long it is a five am wake up says it's ice, cold water in the pond in the River it's.


Joe De Sena: Um you know, military drilling structures screaming at them, because they're disorganized, they weren't on time they don't have their bills on properly they'll they'll have big numbers it's a little philosophy it's.


Joe De Sena: Um it's a lot of hard work and um and a lot of reward I always make them build something on the farm.


Joe De Sena: So whether it's a cabin or whatever.


Joe De Sena: We're doing on the farm.


Joe De Sena: They could reflect back on that and say Hey we did look we we did that let's bring back our family and show them what we build.


Joe De Sena: Um this year for anybody listening that does Crossett every morning started with mirth.


Joe De Sena: So these kids woke up they knocked on Murph buy breakfast before breakfast.


Joe De Sena: And then their day started for another twelve hours.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So.


Joe De Sena: Um so it is it's amazing to watch we'll, get kids that cry and you know they tend to cry more when they when they have access to the payment.


Joe De Sena: So I don't like them to have phones, but they'll call mom or dad.


Joe De Sena: And all of a sudden you see there personally change melting down 'cause those are safety blankets for them.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: And.


Joe De Sena: Um what I instituted this year was there's.


Joe De Sena: No problem.


Joe De Sena: You can quit Ah, but the quarters office is only open on Tuesdays [laughter].


Dr. Julie Ducharme: And.


Joe De Sena: So you just gotta make it a Tuesday and then you know, we'll put in your application and you know sure enough Monday night, some of the kids will come over and I'll say it just you know, I'm gonna go to quitters office tomorrow and no problem.


Joe De Sena: Let's fill out.


Joe De Sena: Your application uh it's open at four thirty in the morning.


Joe De Sena: So make sure you're there it's that building over there on the farm and her name, address.


Joe De Sena: Um reason you're quitting is it a broken bone is it you know, and they don't have an answer for that.


Joe De Sena: Obviously.


Joe De Sena: Right.


Joe De Sena: [laughter] and sure enough they missed the for thirty am office hours.


Joe De Sena: So then they can't quit and the next time it opens on Thursday and before you know they finish the damn thing.


Joe De Sena: [laughter] apartment in their personalize change.


Joe De Sena: So um.


Joe De Sena: It's really it's really fun it's.


Joe De Sena: Great for my kids and and selfishly it's.


Joe De Sena: Good for my kids.


Joe De Sena: Have other kids around there are also fighting through to get through this thing.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah I I love that.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: You know, I mean I I grew up I definitely say my work ethic came from my grandfather and my father very hardworking, man.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: My grandfather came over from Holland.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: He didn't speak <unk>.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well in fact he's a very bad starter was made fun of um I think he made it through six grade Ah, but he found a profession and he worked really hard his entire life as a truck driver and then he became a farmer my other grandfather only made it to six.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Great as well when the depression hit, but he became an mechanic eventually mechanic for the military and then his own his own a mechanic.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um business and you know, I was around all that growing up, you know, and so growing up with those types of men in my life and that work ethic, you know, there wasn't like you said there there wasn't there wasn't quitting there.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Wasn't an option for them.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: They had to take care of their family and so you know as I worked with them that was always the rule my dad's rule was listing you may not like it, but you have to finish it and when you're done with it fine.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: If you wanna do it again that's fine, but you have to finish it.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well that finish it rule has stuck with me my entire life, because I've always said to myself.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well I have to finish it I don't have to do it again, but I have to finish it and so it's such a good rule that's my role with my kids right.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: And you know, I was telling <unk> that's fine, you may not like it, but you committed to it, you have to finish it and I just think in these new generations coming up.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: We do such a disservice to our youth when we don't push them and put some boundaries and say let's finish it, you may not like it, but let's finish it life not life.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Not fair, you know.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: And so I mean this is why I love your Spartan mentality and your willingness to actually not be afraid to coach kids in this way.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Right.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Some people be like oh he's.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So mean he's still mean you know, but I think no, what a service you're doing to these kids they'll.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Remember this the rest of their lives.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: You know, and I feel like kids are so multiple at this age, you know, once we get him into college and further on it's really tough to change perspectives.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um and break bad habits and and I love that and you know with everything you're doing I I wanna talk a bit about how the Spartan mentality works with <unk> printer ship, because I feel like these to go hand in hand with you.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So how do you utilize your Spartan mentality with the <unk>, because obviously this is I mean one of the biggest race groups?


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I know in the nation are you guys one of the biggest in the world as well.


Joe De Sena: We are just <unk> registrations.


Joe De Sena: Participant community we are definitely the largest participation.


Joe De Sena: Um race business <unk>.


Joe De Sena: Um I think the community.


Joe De Sena: So strong is so large.


Joe De Sena: Uh because of that mindset who doesn't wanna be a Spartan if it uh it applies to being a better man or a woman and you know, family manner for a woman in the household, a better parent better business person better employee better hunched, nor a without your dealership.


Joe De Sena: You know, this um you gotta have a stomach for it everything that can go wrong, will go wrong I just when you think you're on top of the world covered if you get shut down forty five countries.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: A.


Joe De Sena: Payroll it's hard to make no matter how.


Joe De Sena: Well you're doing a factories burn down your best employees.

Joe De Sena: Quick.


Joe De Sena: You lose your customers to the competition across the Street you've really gotta be able to to make a left and right.


Joe De Sena: And another left another right.


Joe De Sena: And turnaround and oh three sixteen like it just doesn't stop and um and that's what parts did the the smart mentality is that ability to just a bounce back a head down, take another step and fight through and so I think it's it's, an awesome message.

Joe De Sena: An awesome.


Joe De Sena: Ethos.


Joe De Sena: Um for anybody that just wants to be better I mean, especially in a world where we were chasing the road <unk> it's.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: <unk>.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I I agree with you.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So I want to talk.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Also about your show on C n B C the know retrieve business boot camp I've got to get through some of the episodes.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Not all of them yet.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um you know, and I see obviously there's a certain team to this as well.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: But I'd love for you to talk about you know, um how you go in and help these businesses and and how they end up on the farm out.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: There.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um and tell our listeners a bit about that.


Joe De Sena: Yeah.


Joe De Sena: So basically um for twenty years I've had companies like Roman tax mortgage, telling her lunch Google Facebook ninety reeboks.


Joe De Sena: Um send teams out to the farm and um and it's basically a privacy partner it's.


Joe De Sena: Right.


Joe De Sena: Where torturing them for a day or two days or three days?


Joe De Sena: The goal is to increase um and lubricate <unk> operations communications between the groups.


Joe De Sena: Um it's it's it's a <unk> one of those to level everybody up.


Joe De Sena: So that um they not only get to know each other, but they're all covering for each other and backing each other up and building some of that foxhole camaraderie we spoke about earlier.


Joe De Sena: Um were problem solving together get to know each other um and then also to look at a mirror individually in as a group and just say Hey am I am I doing our group.


Joe De Sena: Our team a disservice.


Joe De Sena: Um I my adding value take value away and I I've had that happen with owners that come out.


Joe De Sena: You know a husband wife.


Joe De Sena: Um owner where you know, one of them is looking in the <unk>, you know, I'm


Joe De Sena: I'm, not all in and I haven't all in and that's affecting the team.


Joe De Sena: Um other owners other <unk> or other team leaders have said um G now I see my shortcomings when it comes to because you could hide in the office, you can hide a through the daily tactics of business, very hard to hide on the phone, right.

Joe De Sena: We expose you on the.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Power and you gotta.


Joe De Sena: Know that going in.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Yeah.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I was watching I.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Think the first pilot episode.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um with the cleaning company and you know, I'm listening as this, you know from an honor business perspective and you know the debt they were in and how much money they took out?


Dr. Julie Ducharme: You know, and you're sitting there just shocked you're like wow.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Wow.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: This is you know, and then I was watching the evolution when they were out on the farm with you and as you talked about it's really interesting when you push people to their limits.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: What happens?


Dr. Julie Ducharme: You know, some exceed and some break and so it was interesting to see the results.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: You got from these people when you really started to push them and um I was really curious to see you know, who's gonna break who's gonna you know, pull through and I was pleasantly surprised seeing that the head of the business you know really started to to pull through as a leader, but I thought that was such an.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Interesting perspective like you said I people can hide in offices for a long time you know, but exposing them and getting someone to actually have a realization is pretty amazing and we unfortunately don't get to do that a lot today because of all the rules and regulations of business and H a R and everything that we have to do um so I think it's really great for companies that really actually want to do this knowing and and I remember seeing some of the videos to the people saying they were scared to go to the you know, like what is Joe gonna do to me at the farm.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: [laughter] it was pretty interesting to see the evolution of that and so how many episodes are there?


Joe De Sena: But.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I've only gotten through a couple um but I know you have to appeal.


Joe De Sena: About ten codes.


Joe De Sena: Um some of those episodes couldn't air me calls and this is a really big message to to people listening because after we filled some of the folks that we highlighted um.


Joe De Sena: Had some social media that couldn't pass the test of NBC and.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Lawyers.


Joe De Sena: Um and some of the social media, some of those postings were from ten years earlier.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I'll.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So it's.


Joe De Sena: So important for US to know, especially as young people.


Joe De Sena: Um that stuff lives out.


Joe De Sena: There forever.


Joe De Sena: Yeah.


Joe De Sena: And it will more likely negatively affect you positively affect you.

Joe De Sena: So you have gotta be careful.


Joe De Sena: Yeah.


Joe De Sena: Absolutely.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I, you know, I preach this to our youth all the time from like their emails like when they have these really walkie interpret emails I'm like listen nobody's gonna hire you with that email you know, change your voice message to be appropriate, pick up the phone talk to someone don't only text them back.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um so yeah, that's that's, powerful stuff and and I was tell him email is forever social medias forever.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I mean I would say thank God there's.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: No social meeting when I was in college I'm really thankful for that [laughter].


Dr. Julie Ducharme: But um I think that's amazing and so I know we talked a little bit about you talk about the Spartan paradox of putting that date and having that goal which I think is so important fact I can definitely say I, reside with that.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: We were going to um Ecuador taking our kids echo or the <unk> and I knew we were gonna be doing like all this hiking and swimming and all this stuff and so for probably a couple months beforehand.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um I started writing like ten miles a day and I was doing a lot of extra work 'cause I'm like yeah.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I really wanna make sure that I can really enjoy this trip and that I'm in the best shape I can't really hike and help.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: My kids out.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: And so I find that through to you know that date was on the calendar and it was like every morning I was like I don't feel like I had to do that today, but I'm gonna go.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Do that.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Because I know that you know, I have this happening with my family and I think that's really to something you said in some of your other taxes, you talk about avoidance of discomfort and could you go a little more depth into that.

Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um talking on that.


Joe De Sena: Yeah, you know a lot of US.


Joe De Sena: Um I'll think about <unk>.


Joe De Sena: Is it a fax is it whatever you might think it is actually what is the avoidance the discount for we want to avoid it at all costs?


Joe De Sena: So when you wake up in the morning, you have every intention of working out.


Joe De Sena: You find yourself making a Cup of coffee or checking your social media and that's your brain saying um you know, work out because if we work out it requires a ton of energy and me my the brain speaking a it doesn't wanna expend that energy dangerous for the brain and it kept US alive on this planet for one million years the species, so um you have to recognize that and have the the knowledge that your brain is constantly trying to shut you down from doing hard things.


Joe De Sena: I named my brain.


Joe De Sena: Right.


Joe De Sena: You you name your brain is a good trick and you have a conversation with it, you know, like Hey, we already we already discussed this.


Joe De Sena: Um you already been through this I'll I'm gonna work out.


Joe De Sena: I'm not checking on my social media I'm.


Joe De Sena: Not like I'm going to do this.


Joe De Sena: Um so you know, you gotta recognize that you gotta have some fun with it and um and and look whether I've interviewed, the Olympians <unk> the billionaires.

Joe De Sena: Um the doctors <unk> surgeons uh they've all got these little tricks, because they know that they don't wanna do that five hour by today.


Joe De Sena: They don't want to do that.


Joe De Sena: Ten hours of starting and so um but if they know why the brain is doing it's easier to get through.


Joe De Sena: Yeah.


Joe De Sena: I.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Absolutely have conversations with my brain in fact probably if you see me working out.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: It'll look like I'm talking to myself, but I really am talking.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: My brain and and I'm saying things like come on Julie like you can do this stop.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: No, get your button there.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: And and I do that.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: All throughout sports.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: You know, when when I hit those tough moments it was like me coaching myself like you know, all right, get your butt out.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: There you know stop stocking like set it up.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um so yeah, I fully I fully agree with that.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: And and I.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Do have a conversation with but I haven't named my brain though.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So I think I'm gonna have to like give it a name you know, [laughter], because I love that.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So um and I agree avoidance of discomfort I I I used to teach a speech class back in the day.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Right.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: And and the fear of public speaking was.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So interesting to me I mean I had a student that just almost passed out because they were so afraid to stand up in front of someone and I and I found that fear is such a powerful thing.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I mean it can just shut down everyone and that was one of my big things is I always told myself that I can't allow myself to have.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So much fear that it's gonna stop me cause I always say you know the only barrier is you you know, you can make a lot of excuses when it's all sudden done.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: If you really wanna do it, you can do it you know, and I tell people that all the time they go.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well, but you know, I can't <unk> I don't know if you really wanna do it, you can do it um but fear is such a motivator there.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um and discomfort I absolutely agree.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um so I you've had so much experience in our newer ship in sports in the Spartan method for some of our <unk>, our youth or people thinking I wanna do something maybe it's start a business.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Maybe it's a star teacher company.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Maybe it's doing many races what would be some tips to guide them on going after those as you say, maybe that deeper purpose that they really want to do.


Joe De Sena: Well a couple things.


Joe De Sena: Um number one change happens under pressure.


Joe De Sena: So um if you wanna do a Spartan or tough motor or our hiking event, whatever it's on me I'm just working out with Julie I'll.


Joe De Sena: Get your free entries I'm.


Joe De Sena: Not selling you something.


Joe De Sena: But under the pressure of doing something hard like that.


Joe De Sena: Or America on um your mind will open up you'll start to see things more clearly.


Joe De Sena: So do something hard number one number two I subscribed to a methodology of fire ready.


Joe De Sena: Game.


Joe De Sena: Um in the old days.


Joe De Sena: Right.


Joe De Sena: You'd fill musket.


Joe De Sena: You you get ready.


Joe De Sena: You name and your fire and um that takes a long time.


Joe De Sena: Um and you end up talking yourself out of.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: It.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Right.


Joe De Sena: What if this happens, but if that happens, let me do more analysis you get analysis paralysis and so I am taking approach of just you want that new job?


Joe De Sena: You wanna start the just fire just do it.


Joe De Sena: Yeah.


Joe De Sena: And and and figure it out along the way generate along the way.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: That's <unk>, you know.


Joe De Sena: Yeah.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So true.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um for years I used to take in um single moms who were struggling and our method was to take them in um help them.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: If they need to get into college get college help him get daycare set up help them work on finding a job and that might be interviewing, you know, resource is helping them find clothes.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um we did it for a long time and we had a woman and a woman in particular who was um in a really bad area town she's been beaten up many times by her boyfriend while she was holding the baby we took her in she.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: She was actually brilliant.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I mean she was she was a one of those people that you know, would get a perfect score on SAT she's.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Brilliant.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: But she was held back by where.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: She was being raised.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So we get her all set up with everything.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: You know, I mean she gets a job.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: She could stay care.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: She's in college getting straight and we're like you're doing awesome.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Okay.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Time to move out on your own moves out.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Our own and I'm like you know, I'm like a proud mom, like yes, this girl's gonna crash this I found out.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: A month later.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: She's gone back to her by phone and I'm like what the heck happened I mean we gave this girl like everything that she needed to be successful and then I started thinking about I'm like we gave it to her we gave it to her it's really easy and I thought you know, she wasn't willing to do the hard part.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: She wasn't willing to turn the the door handle step through the door into something that was a little unknown to her it wouldn't have been hard you know being a single mom going to school working a job, but she wasn't willing to do that hard thing and I think that's.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So true today you know as you talk about do something hard.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: How often do how many people pass up doing something hard and Miss out on such an?


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Amazing opportunity I my first time I went to go.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Do my first radio show now mind you I have a bachelor's in communication with a specialization in public speaking I was having an anxiety attack, which I've never had in my life driving to go do my first radio show.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Right now this is ridiculous.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Right.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well I shouldn't be a I'm a public speaker I travel world, but I was so nervous about it, but I remember thinking I have to go do that.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: No matter how hard it is how bad I stuck it.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: I have to go do that.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Did the show everything went fine?


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Michael US.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: You know, I tell her about this after the show.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: She goes I would never even known why would you have any nervousness about this.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: But it was like I remember doing that tough thing and I could have just said no and walked away.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: But then that lead into a much bigger career doing radio and all sorts of other things, but doing something taught God that just speaks.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So well to this current generation and what we have to push and I I just absolutely love that.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um so I want to finish off is there anything new that Spartan is doing that we need to know about I know you guys have a town races we're gonna post the website and the schedule and everything.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: But anything new that you know, our listeners are a viewers wanna know about that come up and coming.


Joe De Sena: Well I mean check out.


Joe De Sena: Project seven <unk> dotcom project seven <unk>.


Joe De Sena: Seven <unk>, you know, um whether it's <unk>.


Joe De Sena: Um if somehow if one of those tickle, you and you wanna do them your listener reviewer here just get in touch with our post here and then we'll get you an entry I'll checkout Highlander adventures like I said in um in the amount that's coming in September and um always right books working <unk>.


Joe De Sena: See see see what happens.


Joe De Sena: Awesome.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Awesome we'll definitely put all the links.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So they can follow you you're on Instagram I know, Facebook I know, LinkedIn is we'll put all those in there.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: You've always got great nuggets on <unk> Graham I love it I'm showing those tickets to my kids all the time.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Um so I love that stuff.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Well I really appreciate you being on the show it means a lot and it's.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: Great to speak with you about these things are happening it just it resonates with me and in all the world I live in always feels good to know, there's someone else out there that's that we're on the same page with um so we're really excited for just everything that's happening starting and if you are listening and watching we'll, definitely find out.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: All that information about all those races and post that out.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So you guys can find out more about those.


Dr. Julie Ducharme: So thank you so much for being the show Joe and as always say live love laugh and always be your authentic self.